Saturday, April 3, 2010

Annoyed Much?

Prior to kicking off this blog, I attempted a previous blog - which I have since deleted (largely due to the fact that I only posted once and allowed only 2 people to see it.) However, I wanted to save my "first ever" blog posting. I am sentimental like that.

Ty and I just recently opened up about what each other does that annoys us. (In all honesty, I have opened up and Ty hasn't ran screaming yet, so we're good.)
  • When Ty decides it's cocktail time during my all time favorite show (this translates to anytime I am watching Food Network, HGTV, Bachelorette, WE Platinum Weddings, Grey's Anatomy, Travel Channel, or anything else "reality") and has to get ice out of the ice bin in the freezer. This involves taking the never full-enough bin out of the freezer, emptying the frozen ice trays into the bin, then taking ice back out of the bin and putting it into his glass -- only after he drops several ice cubes on the wood floor, which leads to 12 long nailed dog paws scrambling for each already practically melted cube.
  • When Ty comes home after I am already "asleep" (I use this word lightly because often times I have just about fallen asleep or am trying to fall asleep or trying to be fake asleep). The "shhh, dad's sleeping" message never quite hit home for him as a kid. Doors slamming, loud clunky shoes on the wood floors, teeth brushing, etc. Ty also sometimes thinks this is a great time to take a shower. Thankfully, in our new house he has his own bathroom so it's less noticeable... This killed me in our 427 dump.
  • Ty's constant "in, out, in, out, in, out, in..." Door slams, alarm alert chirps, dogs cry while he's outside, dogs bark when he comes in... picture this times 100, on Sunday's especially - It's God's Day for Heaven's sake -- a day of rest.
  • When Ty drives like he is 30 going on 75. I am tempted to take his license away on days like these. However, that would mean I would have to drive. No thank you.
  • When Ty goes silent -- this of course is only after I have pissed him off to the extreme.
    While Ty may not have run screaming yet, he has opened up (like me - in a really sweet, non confrontational way) about the things that I do that annoy him. For example:
    • He has a difference in opinion as it relates back to my threshold for dirty sheets. (Ty believes sheets to be dirty weekly. I could easily go a month + without even thinking about them.)
    • He finds my hair brush offensive. (I typically go about ten years before buying a new hair brush. The reason is usually because I lost it or left it at a hotel. Rarely does it have to do with the state the hair brush is actually in.)
    • He would prefer I not "help" him. You know what I am talking about. I like to "help" him cook dinner. (This typically involves me telling him how to cook a meal I have no experience making. He loves that.)
    • He doesn't prefer I clip my toenails on the couch or in our bed. (What's so wrong with that?)
    I'm positive that's about it. 

    This won't be the last time I blog about being annoyed. It's my favorite word. It's my thing. 

    I realize I have blogged three days in a row. I doubt I will blog daily moving forward, but for now, this is just so stinking fun. Poor Ty. Every time he turns around I am blogging again. I keep telling him, "It's for us Babe, it's for us."

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