Thursday, April 29, 2010

Domesticity at it's Finest

I am in love. With this cook book. Seriously, it's the best cook book I have ever used. What's to love, you ask? 
  • It has pictures for every recipe. My "versions" obviously look identical to the pictures. In case you were wondering, I have provided a picture below.
  • The recipes are broken up in SEASONS. How cool is that? It's Spring. So I go to the Spring section and off I go - making a festive Spring meal. 
  • I can follow the recipes without screaming half way through. And they are good! I have made the apricot/goat cheese stuffed chicken. A cinch. I made the dried cherry spinach salad. Even easier. I made the grilled asparagus. Devine. 
Here's my attempt at the Spinach Salad with Dried Cherries.

Voila! See? I did pretty good, right? Right??

    I have gone through this "I like to cook" phase before. Don't be fooled. I have tried being domestic prior to marriage but it never really stuck. However, a year into being hitched, I think maybe, just maybe, I have found my new calling. Domestic Goddess.

    Want proof?

    Wait for it... 

    Isn't this the cutest thing? Please note, the very first card Ty ever got me was covered in those little hearts. He has toned it down over the years, trust me.

    Don't tell him I posted this. I'll never get a card again.

    1 comment:

    1. seriously?

      ADORABLE card!


      and i also like that you had comeback on your night stand.

      i have another one for you to read when you're done. i read it in 4 days (with working, crazy schedule, etc.). i am totally sleep-deprived because of it ... but it was SO worth it. you'll love it.

      let me know when you're ready for it!



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