Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Poor Judgement

I may have made a really bad decision last week. While I hate to admit it, I went out and did something I probably shouldn't have done.

For me, my hair has always been a topic of conversation... with myself, in my head of course. The question, "What should I do with my hair?" often includes additional follow up questions like "How much will that cost?". 

Let's do a breakdown:
  • Hair cut - $60 (keep in mind this typically involves a simple 1 inch trim)
  • Boliage -  $120 (this is where they put cotton and suran wrap on your head and put you under a space like dryer for 20 min before making you rest your neck uncomfortably in a sink for another 15)
  • All over color - $80 (which by the way, if I was gutsy enough, could totally do myself for about $5)
Instead of sticking with the usual ridiculously priced trim and very over rated Boliage treatment, I went ahead and stuck with the over-priced trim and did the less expensive, yet still ridiculously priced, all over color. Because I know you care about this as much as I do, let's talk about this in more detail. 

"Why did you do this?!", you are of course asking yourself, I'm sure.
  • I may have had a few drinks at happy hour prior to walking into Gene Juarez. 
  • I may have been stuffed to the brim with happy hour food and in desperate need of a nap. 
  • I was in need of a hair cut. It had been over three months since my last one. Color treated hair that gets sizzled and burned to a crisp daily often breaks and looks like an 80s rock star wig after awhile. 
  • I had done all over color before, and always liked it.
  • It's cheaper.
I hate it. 

And so does Ty... look at his face.

Ty isn't stupid. He doesn't put his life in danger and tell me he doesn't like it. However, this picture is telling me straight.

It's turning red. (Due to my "state" at the time, I forgot to constantly repeat to my hair lady every 5 minutes, as I normally would have, that I don't like red undertones.)

And that's what I got. It's black. With red undertones. (For the record, I hate the words "red" and "undertones".)


  1. Let me break something down for you:
    a) this post is hilarious. i love the picture of ty.
    b) you do have red undertones (bad news, I know), but you're gorgeous! you can totally pull it off.
    c) it's just hair. you'll color it again, and feel waaaay better.

  2. oh crap. i hate it when i do something to my hair that i hate.

    and i also repeat like A THOUSAND times how much i had red "undertones."

    however - with all that said - i think you look ADORABLE - as always xoxo


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