Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Feelin' the Love One Year Later

Tomorrow is our 1 year wedding anniversary and I feel like I finally just realized that I am married. What's wrong with me!??!?!

Since Friday, when I realized that this time last year we were heading to Maui to get hitched, I have been super emotional. I feel like since the weekend, I keep replaying our fantastic time in Maui, especially the time leading up to the wedding. I catch myself (practically hourly) thinking back to one year ago - asking myself silly questions like "what were we doing 1 year ago exactly?" or "what time is it in Maui right now?" or "I wonder if someone else is getting ready for their wedding in the White Orchid Beach House right now" or "I wonder if anyone is crashing someone's rehearsal dinner right now at Feast at LeLe?" That last one just hit because believe it or not, that is EXACTLY what was happening one year ago this hour. (Below is a picture of my parents trying to distract me from the whole thing, while Ty's clearly watching his back.)

Our wedding was so special. It was exactly what we wanted. It's been fun (and emotional, obviously!) to look back on that day. I love to think about it in slow motion. I remember waking up with Annie at 6am in her and Dumond's condo. (We made the boys stay in ours!) She went to McDonald's and got us a nice and healthy breakfast for the big day ahead while I wrote in Ty's wedding day card. I was so composed, for once in my life. (Perhaps that's why I am a mess now. It only took me one year to get emotional about our wedding day!) I didn't cry that day. (A lot of this has to do with the fact that we had a "scene" at our rehearsal dinner the night before [noted above] that was a distraction that I'd rely on any time I felt myself tearing up. I'd just say, "Seriously, can you believe what happened last night?!" and the potential tears would vanish. Voila!) Annie and I played cards on the patio while we watched the adorable gay couple that owned the condo we were staying in do yoga together below. (They decided to come to Maui and stay in a different condo in the complex after they rented it out to the Dumond's!) While we killed time, we did have to do a quick "project". An old college friend of mine, Steve Moore, who is an amazing wedding planner/dress maker/veil maker/cake designer now made my wedding veil two days before we left for our trip out of the goodness of his own heart. He knew I wanted a cathedral length, but made it extra long and said that I could have Annie "just cut it". (He obviously didn't remember the time I had Annie cut bangs for me in college. The last time I told Annie to "just cut it" I ended up rusty sticky scissors in my hair and jagged "bangs". Despite the bang incident, she cut my veil perfectly!) From there, the rest of the day went just as perfectly. No tears, no drama, no spills, no falls. Nothing but love. It was perfect. Ty was adorable. He wrote the sweetest vows, looked amazing, and made the day so much more than I could have ever wanted for us. Our families and friends were fantastic. While the group was small, it was just what we pictured. And lucky for us, our incredible wedding photographers captured the day amazingly.

This year has been the most exciting and special year. I think what is overwhelming me the most is just that. So much happens in one year, and time goes by so fast. Ty and I are more in love than we were on our wedding day and that just amazes me. You don't realize that on that day, your day, that you will actually love each other more than you did in that moment.

We'll be celebrating our anniversary in our second favorite place tomorrow - Cannon Beach with our pups! We are staying at our favorite place, Ocean Lodge!

Well, I feel better. I can't wait for another year with my husband (it still feels weird to say that) and all of the love and memories we'll experience together.

I am such a sap. I promise, I will be back to my old sarcastic self in my next post.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dinner's Ready & Nobody's Home

Remember this post?

I have another one to add. I love it when I make dinner for us, by the time Ty says he'll be home, only to wait around for him as I drool over the meal I just bent over backwards to make. (Exaggeration Alert: This really only took 30 minutes to make when I thought it would take an hour. Needless to say, I am still working on my timing.) 

Now I am left here to:
  • Stress over the croutons in the salad turning soggy - because I added the dressing too soon. I should have just waited to add it right before we sat down to eat. Patience is no virtue in this house. 
  • Worry that I can't find the perfect balance of keeping the chicken warm and cooking it until it cracks open like the turkey on Christmas Vacation. 
  • Watch as the artichokes turn brown in the steamer. 
  • Perhaps just eat without him. 
And just so you all know, I had to step away from the computer just now because something smelled as if it caught on fire. That something happened to be the artichokes in the pan with no water left.



Sunday, May 2, 2010

10 Years Fly By

I have been thinking a lot about the past 10 years lately. It could be the fact that I have my 10 Year High School Reunion on the brain. It's coming up and I really can't believe how quickly 10 years have flown by. Just recently the "Ten Year Reunion" committee asked the class to send pictures over for our reunion blog. My friend Nikki (the one 4th on the right above as we went to a very romantic dinner with our Twin Tolo dates to Tacoma's Red Robin... and yes, we made our dates wear outfits that matched ours exactly) sent me a slew of them. As I looked at some of these lovely pictures, it got me thinking not only about how quickly 10 years go by, but it also got me thinking about the fact that I looked NOTHING like the high schoolers TV portrays in today's television.


Secrets of an American Teenager

Gossip Girl


I'm just sayin'...

Short hair isn't the only thing that's out of style.
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