Monday, June 28, 2010

Feeling Inspired - My Punch List

I've been inspired by a blog I discovered after my friend Lisa told me I had to check it out tonight.

Back when I first attempted to blog, I was going for something similar with "Seriously Annoying" but wasn't clever enough and gave up. (I did save my first post from this blog before deleting it.) The writer of this blog is hilarious and has what she calls "Punch Lists". In leau of how awesome I think she is, I have created my own.

Jordan's Punch List

1. Hummers. When Ty and I first started dating he worked for an energy drink company and drove around a bright yellow Hummer with decals of motor cross cartoons splashed all over it. Manly. He actually took me to the Nutcracker in that piece. After I asked if we could please, please take his Jeep. I lost and the free gas won. (Ty lost that night too.)

2. People that can go three days without washing their hair. There is something wrong with that. Perhaps it's because I can't do it without looking like a greasy mess. One time in 7th grade I went to school after forgetting to wash out my conditioner. (The apple doesn't fall far from the tree because my mom did the same thing after she took a bath in baby oil in 4th grade.)

3. People that live in the suburbs and have pets that belong in the zoo. Pigs. Raccoons. Bears. Monkeys. Kangaroos. It's just wrong. We all think they are cute. It doesn't mean we should all buy one and bring it home to sleep in the bed with us. 

4. "The Muscle" on women. You know the one. Cameron Diaz has it. Pink has it. It's so manly and I hate it. Eat something already. Stop looking like my 11 year old brother. It's gross.

5. Baby talk between adults. Prime example - Khloe Kardashian. You are a grown woman. Please stop. Runner up example - Ali Fedajkhfejwjsadklaski (The Bachelorette). I just want Roberto to say, "OK, I like you. But that voice. It's killing me. It makes me want to throw up."

6. American made cars. Especially convertible Ford Mustangs.

7. The karts at the grocery store that look like a mini bus for kids. They are huge. They are annoying. They don't fit down the aisles and the people who push them around have zero control over them. Not to mention, most of the time I see them, they are "childless" because the kid's running up and down the aisle screaming.

8. Herve Leger mini dresses. How many different versions of the same spandex dress can you make? They look good on about 3.5% of the population.

9. Lite / Low Fat / Reduced Fat Mayo, Cream Cheese and Sour Cream. What I'd really like to know is how many calories are you really saving? I would rather just leave it off completely. Does anyone actually prefer the taste of these over the regular fatty delicious stuff?

10. Ke$ha. Need I say more? The $ instead of an "S" bugs me. The garbage/trash outfits can go too. As can the dread hair and dude-ish mannerisms.

I am sure I'll have additional Punch Lists because I do often get annoyed with meaningless things. Whew, I feel better though. Just getting this off my chest makes me feel about 15 lbs lighter.


  1. So funny!! I can not stand Khloe's baby talk either!! You need to add Danielle to the list! HAHA!

  2. did you see last night's dash episode? courtney totally called out khloe for her baby talk with lamar! i totally thought of you!

  3. I can barely watch Kourtney & Khloe take Miami anymore.... she never talked like a baby before Lamar!!! So annoying!!!!

  4. Wow, we have a Mustang, AND we use the "bus" kid carts all the time. Better stay out of your way.


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