Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pajama Jeans

I'll cut to the chase. I am about 15 pounds heavier than I was when I got married. 15 pounds?! Is it my Freshman year of college again, or what? I'd like to call it the FIRST YEAR FIFTEEN.

I guess I can understand. When Ty and I started dating I was all about impressing him. New outfits for Saturday night's out, shaved legs, cute hair, consistent trips to the gym, manicures, pedicures, brow waxes, half eaten meals, etc. Of course there have been phases in the last 4 years where I've gotten, shall we say, comfortable... nothing like this though. As soon as we got engaged, I had the big day on the brain. I had wedding dress shopping to do and dress fittings to attend that were bi-monthly reminders of our big day in May. Those kept me on track as we got closer and closer to the wedding.

Flash forward to this past November. I cancelled my gym membership because I thought that if I bought a treadmill I'd be good to go. Nope. It's collecting dust, just like everyone told me it would. I have probably worked out 10 times since November. That's roughly 1.67 times per month. Yep, sounds about right. I started taking the elevator up the three flights of stairs at work because "it's faster" and because "I don't like being out of breath for the first 5 minutes of my meetings up there". Perhaps the latter excuse should have been a key indicator that I needed to get more than 1.67 workouts in per month.

I know most of you saw this coming.

Last week I decided to try XGym. It's a 20 minute workout twice a week with a personal trainer. It costs $300 per month. I wanted to cry twice in the 20 minute session. The session was free. I wanted to cry because it hurt so bad. Imagine how hard the workout would be if I actually signed up. (I didn't by the way.) In the first free session they are trying to get you to WANT to do it, not want to cry.

This all brings me to the title of this blog.

While you may think those are jeans, they aren't. They are jammies. "Pajama Jeans" are obviously the new thing and totally made for people like me. I just pictured myself wearing these to work. Could you imagine? "Cute pants! Are those new?" "Sure are - they are actually sweats that look like jeans. Pretty genius right?!" Wow. 

As much as I'd like to try these out, I think I'd prefer to put on a pair of tennis shoes, go for a walk, and skip the peanut butter M&Ms tonight. And the fudge. And the raspberry bars I made this weekend. And maybe, just maybe, the three hours worth of shows I've recorded on my DVR...


  1. you are hilarious! First year fifteen! Get them please!

  2. love them!

    these are a MUST HAVE item!

    and i think you look great.



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