Friday, July 16, 2010

Couple's Retreat, Yes Please!

Lately, I have found myself day dreaming about our upcoming trip to Hawaii. It's four months away. Right around the corner. Not quite. I wish it was tomorrow. We've got a lot going on before we'll find ourselves drinking POG in 20E and 20F the day after Thanksgiving. This is the "busy season" at work for both Ty and I and most evenings we find ourselves dragging and counting down the minutes until we can hit the sack. We both have jobs where we have to be "on" all day, everyday so when we get home we're talked out and sometimes our relationship gets the short end of the stick until the weekend. This trip crosses my mind everyday. It seems to be my little stress reliever (and "get your ass in shape" reminder). I think about hammock time, palm trees, beautiful beaches, and sunsets and know that we have 9 days of pure relaxation coming our way.

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