Saturday, August 21, 2010

About the Author

I've always liked to write. Growing up, I'd write notes to my friends in class. Who didn't? In the summers, I would write letters to friends and send them in the mail. (Elisha and I became very close with our postmen. We'd write little notes to them as well on the outside of the envelopes. Sweet things like, "PRIVATE PARTS" and "DO NOT OPEN POSTMAN". Mature.) When email came about, I was addicted. I had a account and an AOL account. I've kept a lot of the emails I've sent and received over the years because let's get honest - the things you write about in college are hilarious. This is when you are really getting to know yourself. The emails I wrote really captured where my head was at during a lot of first time experiences. And they are hilarious. (My favorites happen to be between Lindsay and I, largely due to the fact that these email exchanges were better than any journal or diary I'd ever write.)

Recently my parents put their house up for sale to move closer to us (well, and because John got a fantastic job in downtown Bellevue, so the drive from Gig Harbor to the eastside wasn't super fun... or realistic). As they were clearing out the clutter my mom came across this.

A book I wrote when I was 10 years old. 

I can remember writing this story and typing it on Mrs. Micheal's Apple computer. I can also remember making the cover. I was such a good artist. As you can tell. I blew paint through a straw... 1991 at it's finest.

Here you'll see another example of how creative I was, even back then.

Do you like our Uggs?

What I don't remember is writing this.

I mean, seriously. Who am I at 10 years old? Who says that? Who WRITES that?!!?? "She plans on having one child then having her UTERUS taken out." Was there spell check back then? I mean, how did I spell UTERUS right at 10 years old?

The moral of the story is this: I'm still finding ways to express myself through writing, 18 years later. And, if I were to illustrate this book now, the pictures would look exactly the same.


  1. Oh my gosh, Jordan...I just discovered your blog through your FB link & you seriously CRACK ME UP!!!! I have only read a few entires so far, but am excited to keep reading. Back to this entry though....having your uterus taken out???!!! hahahaha...10 years old??!! Apparently you were paying VERY close attention in 5th grade sex ed!! LOL...

  2. This is hilarious!! I bet your teacher and your mom nearly peed their pants! Oh you!

  3. You should start drawing some pictures for your blog...

  4. Did your mother say that at some point??


  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Adventures in Swan Creek are always worth writing about!!! How cute is your story?!!! I feel honored. It looks as though from Facebook and from your blog that life is treating you well--enjoy!

  7. Jeremy and I just died laughing when we read this! Seriously Jordan, you wrote that at 10 years old? You had to have made your mother crack up on countless occasions as a child.


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