Thursday, August 5, 2010

Everybody Poops!

Everybody poops. We all know this. Some of us have even read a popular kid's book with a similar title that helps us all make light of this - no matter our age.

Today I had an experience that I have no shame in sharing, because folks, it's real. Ty and I are a real couple with real issues. Issues that could potentially tear some couples apart. Not us. Issues like poop. Ty and I haven't always been so open about this topic, however having three dogs, two of which had a real issue with potty training, we're a little more willing to state the obvious yet again. Everyone, including our dogs, poop.

I am obviously just scratching the surface here... skirting around an issue if you will. Fine, I'll say it. I poop too. And Ty knows it. And if he didn't know it before, he most definitely does today.

In an effort to ensure I didn't skip a beat this morning, I went to the powder room (notice how non-disgusting I will attempt to write this story) in between calls as I worked from home. Unfortunately for me (yah right - stay tuned) our commode had a minor malfunction... as in, it practically filled to the surface and poured out the brim when I attempted to flush it. Too scared/impatient to see what could happen, I closed the door and thought "I'll deal with this later, I have things to do." I went back to work. Two hours later Ty came down from his office and marched his unassuming tush right in there. It was slow motion from there. Right as I realized what was about to happen, Ty shouts "OH GOD! WHAT HAPPENED IN HERE!?!?!?!?!". As mortified as I was, I could not get a grip on myself. The poor guy was absolutely disgusted with me, yet did what any Exceptional (that's right - I am giving my husband a performance rating for his work... he consistently goes above the call of duty) husband would do. He grabs our industrial strength plunger and gets to work. I was in hysterics but I don't think he could hear me in between his aggressive plunging efforts. The job took a good 4 minutes before he came back out to simply say, "OK Babe - New rule. Three tissues. That thing was packed. Have a good day" and off he went to another meeting.

All I have to say is this. That's love. And Marriage. And completely embarrassing, yet I feel better sharing it for some reason. My thought here is this - you people can relate to this right? I am not alone am I?


  1. I can not stop laughing!!! Just the other day I had a major stomach ache after eating red robin... brought me back to the days where we had to speed race home to go hide out in the bathroom for an hour! LOL!

  2. I just read this out loud to Nate and cried I was laughing so hard trying to get through it. Love it.

  3. Miranda Drost WarderAugust 30, 2010 at 11:33 AM

    BAHAHAH! I sit at my little office in NY and am cracking up! I can relate forever!

    In Houstin, Texas, I worked for a church and Starbucks. One night at Starbucks the toilet in the ladies room over-flowed - bad. Like it was it's job to overflow.

    There I stoood plunging away as the contents poured over the sides and onto my shoes. I kept saying over and over again, "I went to college. I will find a job. I went to college. I will find a job."

    The end.

  4. Love this book. Elle's thinks it's hilarious!


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