Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Marriage actually is hard... & life is short.

I've recently learned something that people have been telling me for years. Marriage is hard. Up until recently, I understood the words that were coming out of their mouths, but I didn't really get it. I have news for you, folks.

Marriage is hard.

Remember this post? Easiness and breeziness was for year 1. Year 2 is a little harder. I'm just being honest. Ty and I have an incredible relationship. He puts up with me. What more could I ask for? In all seriousness, marriage can also mean some not so good times - tough conversations, hurt feelings, taking care of sick puppies, paying bills, stressful work weeks, etc. There's a book out there called "The Five Languages of Love" that talks to something I can totally relate to. I am a "quality time" kind of gal. I feel most loved by Ty when he spends time with me. Well, time has been tough to find these days. With our busy work schedules and travel schedules, the past 6 weeks have been rough for my QT love needs (and my blog, for that matter -- sorry for the month break).

Saturday was "date night". Gotta love this. We're married, we don't have kids, but we need "date nights"... puh-leeze, right? (Seriously, we need them.) We were heading to dinner when I went there. You know, the place so many of us would prefer to avoid because hurtful conversations are NO FUN but often times needed. I told Ty in a super nice way ("direct, and borderline rude" should replace "super nice" if we're I'm really being honest) that we are WASTING time. I come home, I shut down, I go to bed. Fun for him. He comes home, he goes to the gym, and he goes to bed. Fun for me.

Not working.

We agreed that we need to stop wasting time, and start enjoying each other. Life is short. Even though we may feel like the day is done when we get home from work - it isn't. This is our chance to make the day good, even if our "day at work" wasn't. It's about choices, people.

And we are choosing each other. No more wasting our evenings thinking / talking / eating / breathing work. We are going to think about us, talk about us (and the dogs, duh), eat (obviously), and yes folks, breath...


Kudos to my mama who heard me out last Friday and helped me "own" this as well. 
Love you for all that you are to me, and all the things that you may think go unnoticed. Never forget - you are an amazing woman!


  1. love you jordan... and your honesty!

  2. This is so true Jor! I love you!!

  3. Good stuff Jordan!! I'm taking notes! Thank u!

  4. I have not met you..yet. I know your beautiful Mom. I so see where you come from pretty lady..

    Kim B


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