Sunday, January 2, 2011

Live for Now - Part II

Resolutions are lame because it seems that the moment you call them a "resolution" you break it and instantly feel like a failure. Please note, this post isn't about a resolution I've made for 2011, but a "focus area".

I've admitted it before and I will admit it again - I struggle with living in the now. Since my post a few weeks ago, I've really tried to take a queue from my husband and enjoy the small things and live in the moment. I spent all day yesterday thinking about my "focus area" for 2011 and have settled on continuing to work on this and leverage my blog as an accountability tool. (I also have a husband that isn't afraid to remind me when I trail back to my comfort zone.)

In just a few short weeks, I actually have noticed myself transform (a little bit). There are actually perks about living in the moment. I find myself enjoying small talk more. I feel more content. I feel more thankful for my husband, my friends, my life. I appreciate my dogs and the small joys they add to our day (i.e. how happy they are when Ty and I are both home sitting on the couch together - they don't have to feel torn between the two rooms we are in when we aren't together in the house - or, how much fun they have when we lay on the floor with them).

I [am starting to] feel more patient and content with today.

I've gained some perspective the last few months especially through conversations with friends, both old and new. At a time where things have felt a little upside down, I am reminded of how blessed I am. I am reminded that everything happens for a reason. It's when you are struggling that you realize how strong your relationships are - and how important they are to your day to day. These relationships allow me to enjoy the moment, appreciate the small things, and remember that I've got it pretty dang good.(They also save me bookoo bucks on therapy bills.)

Enjoying the moment doesn't mean you aren't planning or preparing for the future. It doesn't mean you are lackadasical about what's to come. It doesn't mean you are afraid or fearful of the unknown. It simply means...

you are enjoying the moment.

Wish me luck.

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  1. I love your blog Jordan! Looks like we have similar themes to 2011, no more sadness and anger! I love how you said when your struggling you realize how strong your relationships are, so true. Cheers to a super happy year! :)


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