Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bacon No More (for now...)

About four hours before I wrote my last post, Ty and I decided to pound about 2lbs of bacon between us for dinner. It was "breakfast for dinner night". With our bacon, we had a side of french toast. About four hours after I wrote the post, I got the flu.

Not only did I miss out on a trip to San Francisco that morning, I also lost my cookies... or shall I say, bacon. I woke up at about 3:30 am knowing it was over for me. Annie and Dumond had been extremely sick just 24 hours before, and I had been watching their sweet baby girl. Annie had warned me of the early symptoms but I thought I was in the clear. Not so much.

As I spent the morning having intimate relations with our toilets (yes, I made trips to all three), Ty tried to convince me it was "all in my head" and that it was nothing a little ginger ale and Ammodium couldn't fix. He even drove to the store at 4:30am to pick me up the goods in a Seattle-Snow-Storm (you know, about 2.5 inches of snow that practically shut the streets down for a whole 2 hour window). As nice as that was, it didn't matter. I was sick. Really sick.

By noon, I was at a local walk in clinic and hooked up to my first of two IVs for dehydration. Thank God for Annie who came over and picked me (and my mixing bowl turned throw up catcher) up and took me there. I would have probably died that day with out her. (Exaggeration alert - maybe not "die", but whatever happens to you right before you die.)

That day I made the decision that bacon and I were no longer going to be friends. No more BLTs, no more bacon and egg sammy's... no. more. bacon.

Last week, I watched Oprah to see the Vegan Experiment episode and decided that I'd give it a try too - for the animals. Since last Wednesday, I haven't had any meat. (The dairy part is harder because everyone knows I love mayo, sour cream, and cheese.) What I've learned in a week is that while I don't really miss the meat, I do miss being low maintenance - when it comes to food. Ty is embarrassed by the excitement I get when I find a substitute at the store. It's almost a game now. What's for dinner? Tacos. With Veggie Crumbles!!!!  (Ty's skillet has meat in it, mine has something that looks just like meat, and pretty much tastes just like it - it's amazing! He is so annoyed with me.)

Today, at a seminar, I had to have them make me my own separate breakfast and lunch plate. I could feel the eyes staring at me and knew what they were thinking:

w e i r d o.

I know this because that's exactly what I used to think when someone would make a big deal about not eating meat.

Well, that's me now. And it's not stopping me.

For now.

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