Sunday, February 13, 2011

you have purpose

Today I was reminded, yet again, that so many of us go through tough times, and it's our faith that reminds us that anything is possible. It's the hurt that helps us tell our story.

I am a big believer that everyone's life is a story. We all are connected in some way by all of the things that come our way - good, bad, expected, unexpected. They make us human - imperfect, vulnerable, lovable, relateable and grateful. They make us stronger. They make us more intentional. I love that word - intentional.

Living our lives with purpose.

As I reflect on today, I think about all of the relationships in my life and I am reminded of all of their stories. The stories that make them such incredible women, men, mothers, fathers, friends, sisters, brothers. People. Thank you for living your life with purpose, and never settling for what might be, but for what will be.

And for my special friend today, it WILL be alright because it's bigger than just this moment. This chapter of yours has purpose.

You have purpose.

1 comment:

  1. what a beautiful reminder.

    and of course it made me cry.

    i love your heart.



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