Friday, May 20, 2011


I'm dying right now because I can't believe another year's gone by... a year's gone by since I wrote this.

Two year's have gone by since this:

Today, Ty and I celebrate our 2 year anniversary and look forward to not only this next year together, but so many more. I feel like my pregnancy brain has drained me of words today. I have very few (lucky for Ty since we are spending the entire day together!). Instead, I will spend today basking in the sun with my husband, with a giant smile on my face. I will think about the last several years we've spent together, from the first time he walked into my life expecting nothing but a chicken burger dinner all the way to today, as we walk around the city talking about the little life we have yet to meet - our naval orange sized bambino growing, squirming and wiggling around in my belly.

Ty - I love you honey! I know I didn't get you a card this year, but consider this my love note to you. You are the most amazing, most patient, most loving man. I am so incredibly lucky. You are my perfect match. I am so excited to see you become a dad this year. There is no one I'd rather share this life with. Here's to many more years together - and by together, I mean many years of me driving you insane with my antics while you continue to make me the luckiest girl in the world. A day doesn't go by where I don't love you and appreciate you more... Love, love, love you! -- Jordan

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  1. call it pregnancy hormones or call it a beautiful post ... but this one made me cry.

    we love you guys so much.

    happy of happiest days today.

    LOVE YOU~!


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