Tuesday, May 24, 2011

i'm fun

i've been super fun to be around this week... i mean that seriously, for once. i feel good. i am fun to be around. unlike last week (and the week before, and probably the week before that too...) the fun started on friday (our anniversary, naturally). this week, i've been joining ty on our evening walks with the dogs, helping with dinner, doing some chores around the house, laughing, smiling, and all of the nice things a sweet wife does.

last week was a different story:
  • i spilled milk on the counter in the laundry room after i dumped a pile of freshly washed clothes on top of them. i then snapped at ty to "leave me alone and get out" because he said my name wrong after wards. 
  • i aggressively put my feet in his face as he watched tv so he'd rub them for me while he watched tv downstairs when he was obviously avoiding me and trying to stay out of my way. i did this at least 5/7 days of the week. 
  • i woke him up out of a dead sleep to take the dogs out to go potty in the morning after i had already been up for a potty break. i did this at least 3 days last week. 
  • i nagged him multiple times per day about getting started on the nursery.
another fun thing for ty has been dinner time.

"what do you want for dinner?" 

this is ty's least favorite question to ask these days... see below for the obvious reasons.

in this order...

things i love lately... 
  • anything fruit - especially tangerines, strawberries, and apples! 
  • pickles - especially Vlasic's bread and butter chips
  • peppercini's
  • Dreyer's Fruit Bar Popsicles
  • lemonade
  • anything with lemons and limes
  • salt and vinegar chips
  • sour jelly beans
  • bagel bites
  • ketchup
  • artisan egg sandwiches at starbucks
  • cottage cheese
  • anything with sour cream - tacos, nachos, quesadillas
as for things that don't sound so good that i used to love -- cheeseburgers, french fries (tator tots i can do!), ice cream, and chocolate sweets (i.e. m&ms, brownies, cake, cookies, etc.). i used to kill for those things and now, they get an "ehh" vote from me.

i am sure this list will evolve over time - shrinking and growing with each week. heck, some of these change by the minute!

now, what to eat tonight...

the good news is i am more open to food. this week's fave has been recreating taco bell's double decker taco.

what you need:
  • hard taco shells
  • flour taco tortillas (the small ones)
  • refried beans
  • cheese
  • shredded lettuce
  • roma tomato
  • sour cream (duh)
what you do:
  • spread refried beans on a flour tortilla
  • wrap the flour tortilla around the outside of the hard taco
  • fill the hard taco with all the fixin's! 
  • yummmmmmmmm. 
enjoy! (probably not as much as me...)

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  1. Ahh, the ups and downs of pregnancy. Hang in there guys! There is more to come but the ups will more than make up for the downs. Especially when you are holding your sweet little one in your arms. :)

    And my official guess right now is that you are having a girl. I ate boxes of lime popsicles from Trader Joes and the tomato soup from Panera almost every day while I was pregnant with her. Our cravings sound a lot alike!


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