Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I'm Pooped.

:: 12 Week Bump Shot taken on Wednesday, April 27th ::

People said that once I'm out of my first trimester, I'm going to start to feel "awesome", "super energetic", "back to normal"... Nope. I am still feeling blessed beyond belief, but boy am I pooped. I started feeling nauseas around 6.5 weeks and learned how to manage it early - eat even when you don't want to. My relationship with food changed instantly. I used to love feeling hungry. I would be stuffing my face and already thinking about my next meal before I got knocked up. Not now. I have lived on tangerines and Carnation Instant Breakfasts. Before I got pregnant, I was a sucker for carbs. I would do anything for carbs. I've quickly learned over the last 7 weeks that carbs get me no where. It's all about the protein, which for some reason is the last thing I want to eat. Chicken? No thank you. (Unless fried, and doused in Red Robin's honey mustard dressing of course.) Steak? Ew. Eggs - sometimes, but not often. (Unless accompanied by a nice slice of American cheese and purchased at McDonald's.) I was liking cottage cheese there for awhile, but quickly became turned off. The same went for yogurt - the texture kills me. I'll tell you one thing - this makes dinner time especially fun. Not just for me, but for my sweet hubby who has to get creative every night with dinner suggestions in hopes of getting even a tiny nod from his super low maintenance wife. (The winners so far have been chicken terriyaki, his enchiladas, cheese burgers, and grilled cheese sandwiches.) Again, the guy deserves the Patience Award of the Year to sit next to his already annual achievement of the Husband of the Year award.

I have had minor glimpses of what may turn into the Honeymoon Trimester. However, I think I may have used up all of my energy for the next three months in New York with my mom and Trev. For some reason, I did pretty dang good there - walking all over town, not being too high maintenance with food, and not super nauseas (despite all of the "smells" of the city... wow). Payback came the second we landed back in Seattle, when I found myself in the airport bathroom losing my cookies. Welcome Home!

Below you'll see some pics from our trip to NYC! We had a great time - and the bambino did well on his/her first trip to the Big Apple!

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  1. Hey Jord!

    You look beautiful! I hope you nausea starts to go away soon. You are so right on eating a little bit when you aren't hungry, because once you get to that point... blech!

    I love all the photos of NY! I'm glad you three got to spend such a great time together!

    I can't wait to see your tummy grow on this blog and hope to give you a belly rub in person soon! :)


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