Saturday, June 25, 2011

sweet boy,

happy saturday my love. it's been another fabulous week with you. you are moving so much more and getting a lot stronger! last night, when auntie and i went to the seattle men's chorus concert, i think you really enjoyed the music! you were definitely moving and a' shakin' in there! i'm just dying for the day when your daddy can feel you from the outside. that is going to be the most amazing day. you are going to love your daddy so much. i know you are going to be a little daddy's boy and be a mini version of him. i think about that a lot now, knowing you are a little boy. you have the most amazing example to look up to as you grow up. you are a lucky little man to have such an amazing daddy.

remember last weekend when i wrote to you that your auntie and uncle dui threw you the most amazing gender reveal party? well, auntie sent pictures from the big reveal and i thought you'd love to see how we celebrated you with some of our closest friends and family for the first time. as you can tell, auntie's attention to detail is so incredible.

everything looked so amazing. i loved everything they thought of. some of my favorite things they did were how they decorated their mantle and the chalk board where everyone had to vote what they thought you were. (i can't get these pictures to rotate and it's killing me. i can't not include them.)

we had some of my favorite things to eat. obviously, we had the sour patch kids and jelly beans - but we also had bagel bites, pickles, peppercini's, and salt and vinegar chips! for dinner we had a taco bar, fully stocked with everything we needed to make our very own double decker tacos! like i said, auntie thought of everything.

the absolute best part of the night was definitely the big reveal. seeing everyone's faces as your daddy cut the cake was so much fun!

no two are more excited than your daddy and i... 

and the cake... this cake, i tell ya baby, it was the best.

and the votes were in... and they were right!

and lastly, we had some very special guests join us to celebrate you, my sweet boy. you are already so loved by so many. there are quite a few people that can't wait to get their hands on you!


we have auntie and uncle dui to thank for such an amazing party. they opened their home and were the most fantastic hosts! i can't wait for you to meet them! uncle dui was behind the lense, but we did get a good shot of auntie and i. (don't mind my posture!)

we love you more everyday honey bunny. it's hard to believe we are entering our 21st week together. keep cooking in there. and by the way, i've been singing to you a lot these days. so far, i think your favorite songs are songs from our wedding - van morrison, phil colins, journey, ben marley, and jack johnson to name a few! get ready for some new tunes next week - thinking we'll try a little more country! 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

dear wyatt,

sweet baby boy, you made our week. your daddy and i saw you for the first time on wednesday. you are so much more real to us now. when i saw you for the first time up on that screen, i knew instantly you were a little boy. our little boy. seeing you for the first time was by far the most amazing moment of my life. to know that your daddy and i made you is beyond me. it's pretty crazy! you are perfect and your sweet profile is ingrained in my brain. i am going to love this second half of pregnancy so much, i can already tell. i know that you are cozy inside and with me always. you are starting to make your presence known more and more. even this morning your little movements were so much stronger. i think my days of sleeping on my belly are soon coming to an end...things were probably feeling a little snug in there for you, which is probably why i could feel you move so much more. sorry monkey!

your auntie and i had such a fun time on wednesday after we found out you are a little boy. she's so excited and loves you so much already. she and uncle dumond hosted a gender reveal shower for us yesterday! (pictures and more to come on that!) everyone was so fun and i loved seeing everyone's faces when we cut open the cake to show off the cutest blue layers. i will say i am pretty happy we told gramma that you were a boy before the party! when we met her for lunch after the appointment she was absolutely shocked that you had a p and not a v. she's never wrong on these things and boy was she this time!

everyone loves your name. wyatt brady jensen. it's fun to actually see and write out knowing that you are you. when i go to sleep at night i imagine what you are going to be like. who will you look most like? will you have our blue eyes? will you be a little toe head just like your daddy? what will your little smile look like? what will your cry sound like? most importantly, what will this love feel like? we have so much to look forward to, and in 4 months, you've already brought us so much happiness and joy. we have so many dreams for you kiddo. and we'll do anything for you. anything.

your mama loves you sweet boy. sweet dreams.

Week 15, 17 & 19

i realized that i haven't posted any bump shots on my blog in awhile, so i wanted to get them in here! below are my 15, 17, and 19 week bump shots!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

dear baby,

wow. this is the last weekend before we see your sweet profile. i can't read that sentence without crying. i am beyond excited to see you for the first time. it's hard for your daddy and i to imagine what that will be like. we keep talking about how crazy it will be to see our little bambino moving around on the screen for the first time. we are most looking forward to hearing the words, "yep, everything looks good - measuring perfectly". you are already so loved, sweet baby. we can't wait for you to be here with us. we've started your room already. it's a really calm teal blue color. daddy built your crib (with very minimal help from your mama - i simply stood there holding the sides in excitement). we obviously don't know if you are a boy or a girl, but i found some bedding i really liked at merry go round, should you be a little girl. however, you won't be surprised to know, i am already changing my mind on it. i'm thinking that even if you are a girl, i will probably take it back. i will say, i have had several little boy dreams over the last few weeks. your grandma k thinks you are a girl - she's dead set on it. she also believes you are going to make your debut on 11.11.11. (she's obsessed with 11's... i already told her she's pretty much guaranteed her 11.11 grand baby - assuming you don't show your face 2 weeks early and end up being a 10.11 baby!) daddy thinks you are a girl too... grandma and grandpa j think you are a little boy. grandpa d thinks you are a girl, as do your amazing uncles. auntie thinks you are a girl too... either way, sweet bambino, you are going to have an amazing life. you can count on it.

i think i felt you this morning... just a couple of little taps to say good morning. i have to be really still and focused because it's still so faint. so faint in fact, i could be dead wrong. but for now, i am going to imagine that it was you, doing a little stretch and getting cozy while your daddy and i laid in bed contemplating our typical saturday venture to starbucks for breakfast. good morning baby - we love you!

this is the first of many notes to you my little love. we can't wait to see you on wednesday and tell you hello. until then, keep growing in there. and just one pretty small ask, please don't hide your private parts from us. i'm pretty sure i won't move off that bed until we spot your p or v. the ultra sound tech will have to drag me out of there if you are a little trickster. our little gathering on friday is dependent on you cooperating!

we love you, little babe. now and always.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

brain farts

if i didn't know i was pregnant, my slow, unreliable brain would tell me... like it did today. over, and over... and OVER again.

today was definitely filled with unwanted brain started from the second i opened my mouth. i completely blanked on phrases i use all the time, names i know well, details i wouldn't normally miss. it's true - pregnancy brain is real. and it just makes me feel dumb. at one point today i was blanking on someone's name and just blurted out "i'm pregnant" as if that would make it all better. i found myself, "blaming the baby" on what felt like an hourly basis. good mom.

i also need to slow down. which i plan to do... at some point. soon. as in when i am in labor and have no choice but to buckle down and just breath. i will say i did go to my first prenatal yoga class last night. i honestly felt like i crashed the party - i was the only one under 20 weeks pregnant. and i feel like i'm growing a giant "food baby" (insert scene from Juno: Are you sure you are pregnant? Are you sure it isn't just a food baby?) rather than a real one.

speaking of, we are 17 weeks... which means our baby is the size of an onion and actually has it's very own little finger prints! let the countdown begin to the day where we can stop saying "it" and "them". we find out what "it" is on june 15th and couldn't be more excited... 14 more sleeps.

here are a couple of updates on our nursery. the wall is painted, the crib is built, and a dresser is purchased. we ty found the dresser, which we he will refinish ourselves himself. Guess how much it cost... you'll never guess. $20.

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