Wednesday, June 1, 2011

brain farts

if i didn't know i was pregnant, my slow, unreliable brain would tell me... like it did today. over, and over... and OVER again.

today was definitely filled with unwanted brain started from the second i opened my mouth. i completely blanked on phrases i use all the time, names i know well, details i wouldn't normally miss. it's true - pregnancy brain is real. and it just makes me feel dumb. at one point today i was blanking on someone's name and just blurted out "i'm pregnant" as if that would make it all better. i found myself, "blaming the baby" on what felt like an hourly basis. good mom.

i also need to slow down. which i plan to do... at some point. soon. as in when i am in labor and have no choice but to buckle down and just breath. i will say i did go to my first prenatal yoga class last night. i honestly felt like i crashed the party - i was the only one under 20 weeks pregnant. and i feel like i'm growing a giant "food baby" (insert scene from Juno: Are you sure you are pregnant? Are you sure it isn't just a food baby?) rather than a real one.

speaking of, we are 17 weeks... which means our baby is the size of an onion and actually has it's very own little finger prints! let the countdown begin to the day where we can stop saying "it" and "them". we find out what "it" is on june 15th and couldn't be more excited... 14 more sleeps.

here are a couple of updates on our nursery. the wall is painted, the crib is built, and a dresser is purchased. we ty found the dresser, which we he will refinish ourselves himself. Guess how much it cost... you'll never guess. $20.

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