Saturday, June 11, 2011

dear baby,

wow. this is the last weekend before we see your sweet profile. i can't read that sentence without crying. i am beyond excited to see you for the first time. it's hard for your daddy and i to imagine what that will be like. we keep talking about how crazy it will be to see our little bambino moving around on the screen for the first time. we are most looking forward to hearing the words, "yep, everything looks good - measuring perfectly". you are already so loved, sweet baby. we can't wait for you to be here with us. we've started your room already. it's a really calm teal blue color. daddy built your crib (with very minimal help from your mama - i simply stood there holding the sides in excitement). we obviously don't know if you are a boy or a girl, but i found some bedding i really liked at merry go round, should you be a little girl. however, you won't be surprised to know, i am already changing my mind on it. i'm thinking that even if you are a girl, i will probably take it back. i will say, i have had several little boy dreams over the last few weeks. your grandma k thinks you are a girl - she's dead set on it. she also believes you are going to make your debut on 11.11.11. (she's obsessed with 11's... i already told her she's pretty much guaranteed her 11.11 grand baby - assuming you don't show your face 2 weeks early and end up being a 10.11 baby!) daddy thinks you are a girl too... grandma and grandpa j think you are a little boy. grandpa d thinks you are a girl, as do your amazing uncles. auntie thinks you are a girl too... either way, sweet bambino, you are going to have an amazing life. you can count on it.

i think i felt you this morning... just a couple of little taps to say good morning. i have to be really still and focused because it's still so faint. so faint in fact, i could be dead wrong. but for now, i am going to imagine that it was you, doing a little stretch and getting cozy while your daddy and i laid in bed contemplating our typical saturday venture to starbucks for breakfast. good morning baby - we love you!

this is the first of many notes to you my little love. we can't wait to see you on wednesday and tell you hello. until then, keep growing in there. and just one pretty small ask, please don't hide your private parts from us. i'm pretty sure i won't move off that bed until we spot your p or v. the ultra sound tech will have to drag me out of there if you are a little trickster. our little gathering on friday is dependent on you cooperating!

we love you, little babe. now and always.

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  1. Tomorrow is the big day! It's going to be such a special moment. I hope he or she cooperates for you and that you can begin some gender themed shopping soon!

    I drank orange juice before my ultrasounds and it made the kids dance around and easy to see what they were. Maybe it could work for you too! :)


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