Saturday, June 18, 2011

dear wyatt,

sweet baby boy, you made our week. your daddy and i saw you for the first time on wednesday. you are so much more real to us now. when i saw you for the first time up on that screen, i knew instantly you were a little boy. our little boy. seeing you for the first time was by far the most amazing moment of my life. to know that your daddy and i made you is beyond me. it's pretty crazy! you are perfect and your sweet profile is ingrained in my brain. i am going to love this second half of pregnancy so much, i can already tell. i know that you are cozy inside and with me always. you are starting to make your presence known more and more. even this morning your little movements were so much stronger. i think my days of sleeping on my belly are soon coming to an end...things were probably feeling a little snug in there for you, which is probably why i could feel you move so much more. sorry monkey!

your auntie and i had such a fun time on wednesday after we found out you are a little boy. she's so excited and loves you so much already. she and uncle dumond hosted a gender reveal shower for us yesterday! (pictures and more to come on that!) everyone was so fun and i loved seeing everyone's faces when we cut open the cake to show off the cutest blue layers. i will say i am pretty happy we told gramma that you were a boy before the party! when we met her for lunch after the appointment she was absolutely shocked that you had a p and not a v. she's never wrong on these things and boy was she this time!

everyone loves your name. wyatt brady jensen. it's fun to actually see and write out knowing that you are you. when i go to sleep at night i imagine what you are going to be like. who will you look most like? will you have our blue eyes? will you be a little toe head just like your daddy? what will your little smile look like? what will your cry sound like? most importantly, what will this love feel like? we have so much to look forward to, and in 4 months, you've already brought us so much happiness and joy. we have so many dreams for you kiddo. and we'll do anything for you. anything.

your mama loves you sweet boy. sweet dreams.

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