Saturday, June 25, 2011

sweet boy,

happy saturday my love. it's been another fabulous week with you. you are moving so much more and getting a lot stronger! last night, when auntie and i went to the seattle men's chorus concert, i think you really enjoyed the music! you were definitely moving and a' shakin' in there! i'm just dying for the day when your daddy can feel you from the outside. that is going to be the most amazing day. you are going to love your daddy so much. i know you are going to be a little daddy's boy and be a mini version of him. i think about that a lot now, knowing you are a little boy. you have the most amazing example to look up to as you grow up. you are a lucky little man to have such an amazing daddy.

remember last weekend when i wrote to you that your auntie and uncle dui threw you the most amazing gender reveal party? well, auntie sent pictures from the big reveal and i thought you'd love to see how we celebrated you with some of our closest friends and family for the first time. as you can tell, auntie's attention to detail is so incredible.

everything looked so amazing. i loved everything they thought of. some of my favorite things they did were how they decorated their mantle and the chalk board where everyone had to vote what they thought you were. (i can't get these pictures to rotate and it's killing me. i can't not include them.)

we had some of my favorite things to eat. obviously, we had the sour patch kids and jelly beans - but we also had bagel bites, pickles, peppercini's, and salt and vinegar chips! for dinner we had a taco bar, fully stocked with everything we needed to make our very own double decker tacos! like i said, auntie thought of everything.

the absolute best part of the night was definitely the big reveal. seeing everyone's faces as your daddy cut the cake was so much fun!

no two are more excited than your daddy and i... 

and the cake... this cake, i tell ya baby, it was the best.

and the votes were in... and they were right!

and lastly, we had some very special guests join us to celebrate you, my sweet boy. you are already so loved by so many. there are quite a few people that can't wait to get their hands on you!


we have auntie and uncle dui to thank for such an amazing party. they opened their home and were the most fantastic hosts! i can't wait for you to meet them! uncle dui was behind the lense, but we did get a good shot of auntie and i. (don't mind my posture!)

we love you more everyday honey bunny. it's hard to believe we are entering our 21st week together. keep cooking in there. and by the way, i've been singing to you a lot these days. so far, i think your favorite songs are songs from our wedding - van morrison, phil colins, journey, ben marley, and jack johnson to name a few! get ready for some new tunes next week - thinking we'll try a little more country! 

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  1. what a truly sweet post this week.

    seeing the pictures of everyone's faces after the reveal was my favorite part - happy tears of joy fall for you my sweet friend.

    love you so much.


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