Sunday, July 10, 2011

dear little one,

hi sweet baby. another week has gone by and i will tell you - it was pretty eventful. last weekend we celebrated the 4th of july and had such a fun time. you gave little hello kicks to daddy, gramma, uncle trev and uncle cam! such a fun day. (you actually said hello to your daddy a week before... which was so cute! you gave me two big one's so i yelled for daddy to come up stairs and when he got up there in 2 miliseconds his heart was beating so fast. when i asked him if he felt it he said, "i think so... but my heart is beating out of my hand right now!" so sweet! when your gramma felt you her eyes lit up instantly and she started talking to you and telling you how much she loves you. i loved hearing her talk to you.) your mama over did it that day though. you've been such an amazing baby this trimester - i often forget that i need to take it easy and slow down because it's been such an easy past few months. i love having my energy back, but i do need to remember that long days aren't a good idea anymore. either way, we had a fantastic time celebrating!

we spent the day on tuesday basking in the sun with uncle trev, uncle cam, and auntie tiff! just what we needed after a long monday! wednesday was when the week took a turn. what i thought were allergies ended up being a really exhausting cold - hence the day delay on today's post! (i literally spent the entire day yesterday in bed!) i am finally feeling somewhat back to normal today! phew!

daddy also got his "daddy car" on friday! we said good bye to skidatdat... and hello to....

daddy is starting his next summer project today - your dresser. wish us luck! we have some really good ideas for this dresser and our fingers are crossed that we can execute accordingly. and by we, i mean your papa. should it not go as planned, not that i think it won't, we do have a back up plan! we found a nice kids dresser at costco today that would be just fine in your room - not as much personality, but it would do the job!

well kiddo - the days are starting to fly by! we are getting more and more excited for you, we can hardly stand it! we booked a birth photographer last weekend ( and are so so so excited. jessica is a perfect fit for us and we know she is going to capture those moments perfectly for us! she'll even come a few days after you're here to get your new born shots! what a little munchkin you'll be!

we love love love you! so much already. what are we in for when you're actually here, wyatt!?

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