Sunday, July 31, 2011

generation w

hi sweet boy - as i write this note to you, you and i are cozy inside listening to your daddy and grandpa hard at work just outside our bedroom window. i've been popping in and out to check on them as they team up and paint our shingles. (your daddy wants to make sure our house looks great for our baby shower next weekend!) as i listen to them, i can't help but think about what it will be like when there's a new generation on the scene. your daddy has learned so much from your grandpa and i know he can't wait to teach you too. you've got so many amazing men in your life little guy - so many strong examples to look up to.

 :: Daddy, hard at work - helmet and all ::
:: Grandpa, mannin' the lift! ::

you are going to fit in so well with these two guys - and i am so looking forward to the days when i can pop outside and see the three of you hard at work. i am so excited to see your little jobs grow into big jobs. someday you'll be hard at work with your dad on your own home. and you can bet he'll be the first one there helping you out - just like grandpa is the one right there for daddy.

our love for you continues to grow every day. hearts are going to burst out of us by the time you are here. get ready buddy.


:: Here we are little one - 25 week bump shot! ::

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