Monday, July 25, 2011

mama said...

the last two weeks have been jam packed - with good times, and not so good times. last weekend, i spent 3 glorious days in kansas city with the bowen's and had so much fun. i have to say, it was one of my most fun visits to see lindsay! i feel so fortunate to be able to take a few trips a year to see her and spend time with her family. this was just another one to write down in the history books. boy, was it H O T... which could be part of why my uneventful pregnancy took a turn on tuesday! i know i was good about drinking water, and if it wasn't for lindsay, i'd probably drink hardly anything!

on tuesday i ended up in the hospital with kidney stones. let me tell you - they weren't "kiddin" around. kidney stones and pregnancy aren't a good match. after three hours at the urgent care in woodinville (after ditching tarsi at purple!) with ty and annie, we ended up at the ER, where my mama met us. [i feel like there needs to be a separate post at some point just for the events that took place at the urgent care... i will just put it this way: it was just a glimpse into what the labor scene may be - complete with me snapping at ty as he nervously makes suggestions to help me "focus" on anything but the pain. love you honey.] after an ultrasound and several IVs, i ended up getting admitted at 2am into evergreen. (ironically, i was put in the room right next door to where annie had sweet ali girl just 11 months ago!). i was there until 5:30 or so on wednesday. i am so incredibly lucky - my mama stayed with me practically the entire time, and annie was an absolute god-send. she worked from the hospital while i napped. voni came a few times that day to check in as well. (ty had to hop a plane to new orleans on wednesday morning at 7am!) annie stayed with me the remainder of the week and my mom came and stayed the weekend here. it's been a rough few days, but i am feeling a lot better. despite the lack of actual "stone passing" at this point, i am just happy to have a break from the pain! until then, i will be straining my pee "like it's my religion" (as my urologist told me today) and hoping a stone passes so we can figure this thing out! (the disappointments that stemmed from this are also worth mentioning. i missed one of my oldest friends baby showers this weekend, which killed me -- and i wasn't able to go to cape cod for a business trip today...)

in other news, wyatt is growing like a weed (and i am two weeks behind on my notes to him! i will pick these back up this weekend!) and i am feeling him move like crazy. i love it. knowing he's there all the time is so incredibly comforting - and his little hello's are indescribable. life is good! ty is still gone for work and will be back wednesday night. i hate when he's gone. what's new. i keep thinking about his reaction when he sees my belly next! i know it's grown and he'll see a difference since last week.

we have made some progress on the nursery -- here are a few teaser shots! 

we ended up going with a different dresser - which will be here soon. i think it will really bring the room together. we obviously still have some work to do here, but it's been fun seeing all of the little things come together! stay tuned for more soon.

thanks again to everyone for all of your support last week. yet again, i am reminded that i have the most amazing people in my life!

signing off,
one lucky knocked up chick.

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