Friday, July 1, 2011

oh hey baby,

this is what your gramma got us for our anniversary this year. this poem is very special to us. your auntie lindsay read this poem at our wedding and since then it has carried special meaning for us. we are going to put it in your nursery. i love having your little picture in there. the thing i love most about it is seeing your little heart. sweet baby, i carry your heart with me. wherever i go, you go. the poem means even more to us now.

your chair came and who knew a piece of furniture would bring me so much entertainment and joy. i am so happy to walk up stairs and see it in there. 1. it makes your room look one step closer to being complete and 2. i can now sit in there for hours dreaming about you and who you'll be, what it will be like to have you in my arms as i rock you, what you'll smell like. i like to take the blanket off the back of the chair and wrap myself up in it and talk to you and tell you stories about the day.

we continue to have big dreams for you buddy. as you know, or will know, your daddy is amazing. carrying on from last week, i wanted to tell you about some of the things about your daddy that i hope you learn from him some day. i can promise you one thing, you'll score one cool chick if you do! (yes, i wrote that.)

1. he knows how to work a grill, a cocktail shaker, a leaf blower, and a rototiller. there isn't anything your daddy won't try and when he does, he masters it!

2. he opens the door for me wherever we go. the only time he doesn't do it is in when i tell him it's ok not to.

3. he always checks in on his way home from work to see if i need him to stop at the store.

4. he knows when to be a kid. and when not to be.

5. he never, ever, ever, ever tells me if he thinks another woman is attractive. he magically knows how to always keep it about me. for example, this week i said something about how pretty jessica alba was pregnant. his response? "your way prettier, babe." keep in mind, i  had his sweats on, his sweatshirt on, no makeup, dirty hair, and corn stuck in my teeth. sure babe. but i'll take it.

6. on days i work from home, he goes to starbucks and picks me up a (now decaf) coffee to get my day going right.

7. instead of flowers, he'll buy me an us weekly when he's sorry about something. that's how well he knows me.

8. every weekend he'll ask two questions: 1. anything you have your heart set on doing this weekend? and 2. anything you need me to get done around here this weekend?

9. he enjoys the moment. (i appreciate this more and more about him every day.)

10. his family comes first.

there are so many more things.

i keep imagining what it will be like when you two lock eyes for the first time. that moment, where he looks down at you and it hits him - you're his. he created you and the love he feels for you is so intense he can't find words (he gets this from your grandpa). i can't wait to see a look on his face that i've never seen before - a look saved up just for you - a look of unconditional love and pride.

we're a team and we can't wait for you to join us.

jensen, party of three. yes, please.

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  1. another week - another sweet, sweet post that makes me cry.

    i love how you soak up every moment and take time to dream about wyatt.

    i love you so much.



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