Friday, August 26, 2011


it's been awhile and i have a lot to catch up on! here goes nothin'!

my two best friends hosted my girlfriend baby shower earlier this month and it was such a special weekend. lindsay flew in from KC that week and came up to spend the night the evening before the big day with annie and i. i just loved having these girls here. i know i will always look back on that weekend and remember how special they made me feel and how i finally felt pregnant. being celebrated like that makes everything so real. my most special friends showed for the celebration and i just loved having everyone in the same place. (unfortunately, i didn't take pictures, but i am hoping lindsay or annie got a few that i can put into the blog at a later date. stay tuned!) a BIG thank you to everyone who came to "shower" me. you all got me so excited for our little man to be here! and a very special THANK YOU to annie and lindsay for EVERYTHING you did to make the weekend so special. you both put so much work into it - every detail was so thoughtful. i love you both so so so much! 

pregnancy update - about three weeks ago i had to do the dreaded (by most, with the exception of annie, who loves the "orange drink") glucose screen (otherwise known as the "Do you have gestational diabetes?" test). i was confident going into the test. unfortunately, confidence isn't enough to pass. i also got a really crappy bruise because the assistant at my birth center blew my vein. lovely.

here's where the drama begins. i get the call from my midwife the next day, just as my mom and i were getting ready for her birthday spa day at red door. great timing. (as i walked into our appointment in tears, i was quickly distracted when the receptionist told me i was going to be getting a complimentary deep conditioning and blow dry.) in the message from my midwife, she explained that i was going to have to take the 3 hour screen the following week. not what i wanted to hear. or do. or accept for that matter. instead of being my typical laid back self (right?) and just going with the flow, i leave a snotty message for my midwife team informing them that i WILL NOT be taking the 3 hour test and would like to know what my other options are. after a rebellious evening, i got a call the next day. not taking the test wasn't really an option for me. awesome. fine. i scheduled the GD test (GD has several meanings at this point) for that next tuesday. to prepare for this test, you have to fast for 8-10 hours prior to the test. my test was at 8am. i started fasting at 8pm. 10 hours right? um no. not only have i NEVER been good at math, being pregnant doesn't help me one bit. so i fasted for 12. good job, i wake up starved - more starved than i need or should be. ty and i head to the appointment. i confidently (that word again) walk into the appointment. they draw my blood, give me the gross orange drink and tell me to down it in 5 minutes. oh yah, and don't throw up. (if you throw up the drink you have to "come back another day".) easy peasy. we head back out to the lobby where we'll wait for an hour until my next blood draw. ty heads to starbucks to get some coffee. i patiently wait reading articles on my iphone. he returns with his coffee and i am feeling fine. about 10 minutes later i knock his VERY full (and HOT) coffee over in the lobby. for the next 15 minutes we have to watch as the receptionist cleans up MY mess. we weren't allowed to help because we were in a lab and there could be chemicals in the carpet (yah, i had to spill it on carpet of all things -- you'd think a lab would have all linoleum floors, right?). i felt horrible. ty heads back out to starbucks to get a "refill" (at least it was free!). just as he walked back in that's when the wave of "oh shit" hit me... sweat beads running down my back, and a pitiful "i don't feel good" coming out of my mouth. we were 3 minutes away from hitting the one hour mark. i couldn't believe it was happening. i spent the next 5 minutes in the bathroom. it was over. i called my midwife and she said i was going to have to prick my finger to test my blood sugars now because i couldn't get through the test. again, not what i wanted to hear. i cried the whole way home like i was 5 years old. i cried at home. i cried off and on for most of the day. i was so disappointed in myself for not being able to keep the drink down. i was so frustrated that i couldn't just get the test over with so i could show everyone i didn't have GD. the drama continued the remainder of the week, but i will spare you.

i don't have GD, GD it. after three days of finger pricking 4 times a day, we quickly learned that my sugar levels are low and that i am in the clear. PHEW!

now, back to enjoying being pregnant - 11 (or 13) weeks left to go. i hit the 29 week mark yesterday and can't believe it. third trimester!? this is all going by way too fast now. i am really loving being pregnant right now. i'm showing, everyone knows there's a baby in there and not a huge plate of spaghetti. i feel wyatt all of the time and there is something so unreal about loving someone so much and you haven't even seen them yet. i am in love with his little movements and there are times where i catch myself laughing at them. i so often wonder and even say aloud, "what are you doing in there little man?".

i am loving this time with ty. i feel closer to him than i ever have and i can tell you that the past several months have been so much fun. we have just had such a great time - laughing together, going out on little dates together, talking about when baby comes, walking with our pups, prepping the nursery, feeling baby kicks. our marriage feels strong and steady. i'm in love with our friendship.

 :: we went to mukilteo this past sunday! :: 

and here are my most recent bump shots! 

:: 25 Week Bump Shot ::

:: 27 Week Bump Shot ::

 :: 29 Week Bump Shot ::

we also had a little adventure down to ocean side (south of cannon beach) a few weekends ago to stay with our friends cherie and steve at their beach house, which was absolutely amazing! it wouldn't have been an adventure without a sick puppy though. ben ended up drinking salt water on accident at the beach and we ended up staying up all night with a pukey puppy. here's a pic of the poor baby as we waited at the vet in lincoln city... it's pathetic really.

our entry way looks like this much of the time due to the number of packages we receive, largely due to my out of control on line ordering habit these days.

there ya have it... a long, overdue and random post. next post: nursery update! we should make some significant headway in the next few weeks. the shutters are getting installed on monday, annie and i are working on a wall project the weekend of the 10th, and the dresser should be here by the 14th (if we're lucky).let the fun begin!
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