Thursday, September 1, 2011

30 down, 10+ to go...

i can't believe i am 30 weeks pregnant. that just seems so odd. the last 10 weeks went by so so so fast. i had no idea it was going to pick up like that but it definitely did. i've learned a lot about myself in the last 30 weeks. there have also been a lot of things i just didn't expect to think or feel when i was pregnant.
  • i didn't realize i would have such a rocky relationship with food
  • thought i'd feel bigger sooner - i.e. i thought my bump would have been more prominent, noticeable, in the way much sooner into my pregnancy... it wasn't until about 4 weeks ago that i actually felt pregnant... but to be honest, i still kind of feel like that now, so maybe it never really will hit me like i expected it to
  • the movements i feel are more alien-like than i expected, but at the same time i've gotten used to them in a way i didn't anticipate. i thought i'd be super distracted by all of his movements but they are just super normal now.
  • i didn't think i'd be nervous about baby coming like i am starting to feel... i am nervous about the labor, yes. but i'm also starting to feel nervous about the changes... and i am starting to feel guilty when i look at my sweet puppies. oh how their world is about to change.
  • i thought i would have been more tired in my first trimester than i was
  • i am a lot more tired now than i expected to be... and it's only going to get worse i hear
  • i didn't expect to get kidney stones
  • i didn't expect to fail my first glucose screen and definitely didn't expect i'd have to prick my finger like a real diabetic for 3 days
  • i didn't expect to be iron deficient - drinking 10 mL of this nasty liquid iron 4 times a day is still NOT something i look forward to... 
  • i don't talk to my baby as much as i thought i would
  • i thought ty would have felt the baby move more than he has -- seriously, every time ty comes into the room, he freezes up... i'll call ty to come all the way upstairs because "he's moving like CRAZY". the second ty puts his hand on my belly, wyatt immediately stops. lately, i've been trying to let ty sneak up on him so he doesn't expect it, and since then, we've only got one good kick out of him.
  • i didn't expect to be so excited about having a boy... i thought it was going to be less fun prepping for a boy... i was wrong. boy's are so fun. 
  • i've actually had a much easier time finding boy clothes that i like - it costs some moo-la, but it's possible to find cute, non-cheesy boy clothes (think: Splendid, North Face, American Apparel, Tea, Kicky Pants)
  • i thought our house was plenty big for just one more little person -- i didn't realize how much space all of this little person's stuff was going to take up!
  • thought my hair was going to get thicker and longer and more luxurious... nope.
  • thought my nails were going to be extra long and perfect... nope.
  • thought that certain body parts wouldn't be impacted by pregnancy as much as some obviously have... good times.
there's been so many fun things about pregnancy... one thing is for sure, i am enjoying it just as much as i expected i would - kidney stones and all! 


  1. I'm so excited for you. You will miss those alien baby-movements once he's out. Especially when he's two. :)

  2. omg the print you have above the dresser is beautiful, made me cry...guess I might be pregnant to :) love this post!


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