Thursday, October 6, 2011

t minus 5 (give or take 2+) weeks

hey baby, it's me again. we've got about 5 or so more weeks together - like this. you know, you - cozy inside me. you've been so active lately. you get the hiccups about twice a day and it's like this little reminder that you are in there getting ready to breath real air and grace us with your presence. you are inching your way up into my ribs more and more but you haven't been as violent as some mom's describe their kiddo's to be. we had our 35 week appointment yesterday and we learned that you have been in the same position since 22 weeks. head down, and ready to go! it sounds like there is no reason to believe you'll move, so that's great to know. since i last wrote to you, we have been to 3 of our birth classes. i've spent the last three weeks doing little "exercises" to get ready for you:
  • pelvic rocks - picture your mama on all 4's doing reverse crunches. apparently this gets you into position for labor. anterior rather than posterior is ideal... we started out in week 1 doing 50 a night, then it moved to 80, and now we are up to 100. better be worth it kid.

  • a squat - sounds easy enough right? ya, not so much. i've got to have both feet planted on the floor and holding onto nothing for 1-2 minutes per evening. balance is not my friend these days, but i will tell you i can see why this position will help you and i get through our hours of labor together... i feel so much pressure "down there" as your little (which will soon feel HUMUNGO) head packs itself down. 

  • kegals - these are hard to explain to an unborn child but what i will say is i have to "strengthen my pelvic floor" and prepare for your delivery, as well as my healing post-delivery. we started out in week 1 doing 50 a night, then it moved to 100, and now we are up to 100 with 2 second breaks in between each one. good. times.
  • butterflies - these, well, i don't get. i am not really sure what i am doing and to be honest, most nights i just skip them. i figured if i don't know how to do them, and are most likely doing them wrong any way, oh well. i can't be perfect at everything.

  • 20 minutes of relaxation, alone - i consider this my "before bed" time. i try to focus on my breathing before i fall asleep. if i can squeeze a nap in, i will do it then.
  • 20 minutes of relaxation, with your daddy - this happens, maybe three times a week. this is when we actually go to bed together at the same time. we are supposed to learn how to "relax together" so that when i go into labor, he can help me focus through contractions. apparently, there will be times where i will want to do this alone, and others where i will just want him with me and present. maybe not talking to me, but just there. 
  • 20-30 minutes of exercise each night - i try to go on walks with daddy and the pups each night. realistically, this is happening less and less with the weather getting crappier and crappier. but i'm acutely aware of the benefits here. i need to just suck it up, put a coat on and grab a leash. 
  • yoga ball sitting - i try to sit on my ball at least 90 minutes per night... instead of watching TV in bed, i hop on my ball so your head will "engage in my pelvis" for labor day. i actually like this one.

  • we also have reading to do each week, along with a well rounded diet to abide by (it's called the brewer's pregnancy diet) which is great, but i feel like i have to eat a small meal every hour in order to fit all the food groups in. 

i will tell you one thing - this "prep work" is like a second job. but i do believe in what it's intended to do. i'm not complaining... too much... right?

we've been talking more and more about your arrival - and the days leading up to it. all the planning and prepping will soon be distant memories and the only thing we'll be seeing is your sweet face.

you are about to rock our world little man. i say this knowing full well it's the truth, but also not knowing the extent of it all. how could i? all i know is that i can't wait for you to be here, no matter how hard it will be. i know that our love for you will be this big, wonderful, unexplainable, unimaginable, heart-so-full-it-might-just-burst love. and i can't wait.

your mama, who is also already obsessing over your circumcision.
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