Sunday, November 20, 2011

cinnamon buns

That's what we call you. Your daddy and I love your smell so much. When you were two days old, he nuzzled his nose into your neck and said, "I know what he smells like!" I would have never guessed what he would say next. "He smells like cinnamon buns". Not cinnamon rolls, not cinnamon sticks - cinnamon buns. We probably call you "Cinnamon Buns" 100 times a day, easy. Sorry kiddo - it's here to stay.

You are two weeks old today and we couldn't be more in love with this new life of ours. You are this perfect little life that we created out of so much love. I need you to know how much we love you - and how much we love each other. I love your daddy so much and am so happy that you get to have him as yours. You are his sweet little "mini-me". I love seeing his face when we realize you are doing something just like your daddy. Everyday, you look more and more like him. He is so proud of that. And he should be - you're one handsome guy! 

Your cord fell off this week, and I couldn't be happier. I love everything about you - but seriously, that cord was starting to gross me out. Sorry. Ew. We took a bath last night and you were so stinking cute in there. Until you took a poop... Good times. You then preceded to take several poops in the towel your daddy dried you off with.Great timing on our part.

I know you won't really appreciate this when you are older - but I do want you to know we've made some serious progress in the breastfeeding department. Last night was our best night yet. It was the first night where you didn't get frantically upset before each latch - and each latch didn't take the usual 15 minutes. I also used the "turtle star light" instead of turning on the bedroom light. I think that helped with keeping the calm. You ate at 10:30 and were tucked in by 11. You woke up at 1, and then you were up again at 4:50. That was a great stretch! And then you were back down by 5:30 after a great feeding and a wardrobe change due to an explosive spew. We actually had to wake you up at 9:30. Thank you sweet baby. I'm hoping for another good night tonight, but we shall see.

Here's to your first two weeks, Cinnamon Buns. Thank you for being perfectly you.

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  1. that was so sweet! I do the same thing for Noah but have put all of my entries into a leather bound journal that I will give to him when he is older =) -Amylynne


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