Sunday, November 27, 2011

lots to learn :: 3 weeks in

i seriously can't believe how much has changed in three weeks. yesterday i joked with ty about how our conversations have changed so drastically since wyatt was born. i swear, all we talk about are my boobs - nothing is off limits. ty knows everything about them because i am constantly updating him on what they've been up to. if we aren't talking about my boobs, we are talking about wyatt's poops. if we aren't talking about his poops, we are talking about his penis - which got circumcised this week. (and that, by the way, was so not fun. we went to a great doctor on mercer island - dr. witz - and he did a fantastic job. didn't make it any easier on me at the time, because it's about me obviously, but he did a great job and it looks really good.)

we had a great week. sleeping has gotten a bit better, breastfeeding continues to improve, and we love our boy more and more everyday. we learn something new about him almost hourly.
  • he doesn't like to be held on his back - he would much prefer to be upright. 
  • he loves the shh shh shh sound.
  • he loves his sound machine lamby and his heart rate sound machine. 
  • anything that vibrates is our friend. 
  • the binky is an appreciated accessory. 
  • mylecon is an appetizer at every meal. without it, we are wearing every meal.
  • he grows so fast - he has gained a pound already, and we've put away his newborn onesies and outfits. so sad! 
  • he poops a lot. 
  • he loves being in the baby bjorn on daddy. 
  • he prefers going on car rides only if we are going over 40 mph. we've had two meltdowns during back road car trips. 

i could go on and on. this thanksgiving week gave us a lot to be thankful for. we are beyond blessed with our amazing family and friends. we've been given so much love and support and are filled with gratitude for everything we've been given. these last three weeks have proven to be the best yet. thank you. to all of you.

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