Wednesday, November 9, 2011

water's broken - now what?

I wrote this post on Saturday afternoon, after my water broke. I am so glad I did because looking back and reading it now, I had forgotten what was really going through my mind before our world changed forever.

11.5.2011 at 12:58pm

hi my sweet boy... well, this morning at 7:45 i woke up with a stomach ache. i went potty and felt what i thought might be my water starting to break - just a trickle. not a rush of anything but it was definitely involuntary. i sat there for a bit, and quickly realized that my mucus plug had probably broken. i went back to bed and told your daddy that i thought something might be happening. i laid there for about 30 minutes and realized that i had probably been having contractions throughout the night because i was continuing to have them - i just thought i was having a stomach ache... i popped out of bed to take a shower and i had a few more flows of water leaking. i took a shower - thinking, "no way. this can't be it..." my mucus plug and water had definitely broken at the end of my shower. i called the birth center to let them know because they had asked that even if i'm not sure, but think my water broke to call them and let them know, so did. i quickly heard back from our midwife, chris, and she said that labor would probably start to kick in within the next 24 hours but to get rest throughout the day, drink a lot of water, eat, because there was a good chance i wouldn't be able to get a good night's sleep tonight. i let our doula, kristen know and we chatted on the phone for a bit before i finished getting ready. your daddy and i made our way to starbucks, as we would any normal typical saturday. (we actually ran into ashley and i had to pretend nothing was going on because i don't want to get too excited and scare these contractions away!) we had some breakfast, went to the store, came home and i took a nap. we just got back from a long walk with the pups and now your daddy is nesting - big time. he wants the garage to be clean for some reason... and he is dead set on picking up all of the halloween decorations. i thought now would be a good time to write you a little note, since my contractions are still coming but they are easy and manageable. they could be this way for awhile, which is why we don't want to shout I'M IN LABOR from the roof tops yet. we could be doing this for another day at least. i don't want to get everyone hyped up - like your auntie or gramma, so we are just going to go with it for awhile now and try to bring them on a little stronger before we actually acknowledge it.  now's a good time for me to really reflect on this past 9 months... i can't believe we are going to meet you soon and see your sweet face. the work here will all be worth it and with each contraction i get more and more excited about your arrival. i try to imagine that you are that much closer to being in my arms and that my body is doing exactly what it's meant to do. bring you into this world as safely as possible. i am in total shock here... i am in denial that this could be it. part of me keeps thinking -- oh well, this could go on for days and days! but the reality is, my water has broken and you are getting ready in there. kristen has encouraged us to just have a fun day together and do something memorable because this is probably our last day of being able to do that! so i'm going to pull him out of his nesting mode and perhaps we can go to the mall or go get ice cream or something!  in the meantime, here are some bump shots (the last one is from about 2 hours ago!):

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