Sunday, December 25, 2011

our christmas wish


when ty and i began dating seriously (which didn't take long) we knew right away that this was it. when we found each other, our conversations centered around how we'd start our lives together. it didn't take long before we started talking about the things we wanted to do as a couple, and even as a family someday. being together forever went without saying pretty soon into our relationship and things like having kids, buying houses, future trips, shared morals and values were on the table pretty much right away. ty and i have always liked dreaming together. we love talking about "someday". i don't think we were prepared for what once was a big dream of ours. today marks 7 weeks with our precious boy. needless to say, our christmas wish came true when we were blessed with our beautiful, healthy son.

let's talk about this week.

first of all, who hates tummy time? this guy.

i hate tummy time too. it seriously breaks my heart to hear him cry. he REALLY hates it. i am waiting for the day where his mood changes, the tears come to a screaching hault, and this little babe actually enjoys it. until then, i will sit down stairs waiting for the minutes to pass while ty roots him on.

we had our moments this week, but we found solice in our bathrooms. wyatt loves the sound of the bathroom fans. he could be red-faced pissed screaming and when i walk into our bathroom and turn the fan on, he instantly calms down and is quickly out like a light.

speaking of out like a light - wyatt made a shift this week and decided to skip his 2am feedings. go baby! so our routine made a nice shift too. bed time routines start around 9pm and he's usually asleep and swaddled in his swing by 10:30. he'll hang downstairs with daddy until he comes to bed and he'll then wake up around 5 to eat. thank you baby jesus. he'll eat, poop, get a diaper change and get re-swaddled and is back to bed within 30-40 minutes where he'll give us another 3 hours. love this kid.

we also had a major milestone this week - bottles! i pumped a bottle for ty to feed wyatt on thursday and it was so freaking cute to see daddy feed the babe. he's been feeding him one bottle a night. it's giving this mama a little relief, and this daddy some more bonding time.

in other news, (still baby related obviously) he's sleeping a little less during the day which means we're doing more awake time activities. things like cooing and smiling - things that make this mama well up with delight about 20 times a day. (this is where the tummy time comes in - ugh.) every other night, our bed time routine consists of bath time which we all three are loving. we're using a crap load of water because we're still putting him in the tub with me, but it's seriously the cutest and most fun thing for us right now. the babe loves it and we do too. it's great bonding for us as a family.

speaking of bonding as a family - our first christmas has been full of bonding time. ty was able to take quite a bit of time off and we were able to do a ton as a family this last week. spending time together as parents is now my most favorite thing in the world. i can't get enough of it. loving wyatt together and being a team is the most rewarding job i've had. it's also the toughest and most exhausting. but again, love.

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