Sunday, December 11, 2011

rainbows and butterflies

i'm sure you've all been waiting for it - the "let's get real" post, or the "just you wait" post... well, here it is.

in the words of one of my favorite groups, maroon 5 - "it's not always rainbows and butterflies, it's compromise..."

this past week has been about compromise. whether it's my diet, ty's workout schedule, or my sleep schedule. it hasn't been the smoothest of weeks. earlier this week, we realized that i was eating something that wasn't mixing well with wyatt. each time he ate, he was so upset afterward. he also got a rash that made me suspect that it had to be food related. i decided i'd cut dairy, wheat, and chocolate - three popular baby allergies. i had a strong suspicion dairy was a culprit, and saw a reaction from him from really early on when i had chocolate. i did the wheat just because i was feeling super guilty and thought "might as well". for the latter part of last week we saw a change in our boy -- until this dang cold. he's been stuffy all weekend and it's been so sad. he struggles mostly at night - making it not so fun for this mama. last week, ty and i worked out a small routine. since he's working and i'm breastfeeding, there isn't a ton for him to do at night to help. plus, it makes zero sense to have both of us completely exhausted. in the evenings, i try to go to bed with wyatt around 10-11, depending on when he feeds. i will get up with him throughout the night, and then after his last morning feeding, usually around 6-7:30, ty takes over for the next 3 hours, giving me a nice stretch of sleep before my day kicks off with the bambino. (ty's work day starts around 11 so this little plan works out nicely for us.) i have to say, i look forward to this stretch every night. i know that no matter how bad our night may be, i will get a decent stretch of sleep first thing. i live for that last feeding. wyatt usually will have a feeding between 10-11:30, then again between 1-3, then again between 5-7. that's a typical night. until last night. which sucked. i was up from 1-5, then again at 6:30. ty got up with him after his last feeding where i was able to sleep from 7:30-10:45. lovely. except we had our dear friends, the burnaby's, coming at 11. i got ready quickly and fed the babe while ty showered and cleaned up the house. don't ask me how we did all of that in 20 minutes. we just did. magic i guess.

i know this is just the beginning of the realities of having a child. we are learning everyday. compromise is the name of the game. bartering and bribery come later. (although, i did tell ty i would pay him $1 billion trillion dollars if he could figure out a way to get his nipple to lactate.)

thank you again to everyone for their support this week. i am loving all of the advice i'm getting on facebook from my friends. they have such great ideas. this week it was especially helpful with the food issues and the cold. thank you, thank you, thank you. keep it coming.

just a few of our favorite pics from the week:


  1. Oh mama Jordan - I love you quoted Maroon Five here!

  2. Hahaha I'm giggling about giving him bajillions to lactate ha! Sounds like you're settling into this parenting circus just fine :) venting is important for sure!


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