Sunday, January 15, 2012

the lucky one


10 weeks have absolutely FLOWN by. i can't believe i'll be heading back to work in about 6 weeks. see that face up there? ya, that one. that perfectly round head with those two beautiful big eyes on it makes the idea well, tough. ty had to up our cell plan this week. i went off the charts sending texts and pictures to friends and family. surprised? i think going back to work is probably a good idea. i take pictures all. day. long. i want to capture every moment i can with my little love. to say that i'm enjoying every second of maternity leave should go with out saying. i love, love, love being a mama. so much more than i expected. someone asked me yesterday what i am most surprised by. it's so hard to narrow it down to just one thing. here's my list:

1. seriously how much i love this kid. i've never been so obsessed with anything in my whole life.
2. i love boys! i can't tell you why i'm surprised by this really, or why i love having a boy so much, but there are little things that cross my mind that i just love... like, the idea of wyatt playing in the snow with his dad someday, or seeing him as a big brother, or seeing him in a tux for his first prom, meeting his first girlfriend, etc. so much to look forward to.
3. how into his development i am. i love seeing him do something new. i get giddy when he has a first. anything from reaching out to touch the dogs, listening for his daddy's voice, giggling when i do something super silly that i'd never do for any one else, lighting up when i play his music box, watching his hands as they move around. it's the small things, folks. they are big things now to this mama.
4. how fast the day goes by!! i seriously do NOTHING and all of a sudden it's bed time again.
5. how quickly i can find a binky and get it into his mouth in the middle of the night. lightening fast. i'm pretty good.

i could keep going, but i'll spare you. i was just about to write about how interested i am in his poopy diapers (how much, texture, smell, etc.) but i won't go on. instead, i'll end by saying we had yet another great week together and we're ending it with our first snow. love it. i am instantaneously in a good mood when i see a flake fall from the sky. it's supposed to keep up for the next few days, and i couldn't be more thrilled. this little family knows how to cozy up and enjoy it and i love that. again. i'm reminded - i'm one lucky mama.

1 comment:

  1. Amazing! God bless you three. Wyatt and Owen will be buds for sure.

    I remember being most surprised by how calm and satisfied I felt.

    Love to you all.


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