Sunday, January 22, 2012

mr. personality

there are many faces to our sweet boy and we are just seeing the beginning. this last week was, how shall i put it, a little more challenging than the others. not exactly sure why exactly, but our boy's personality is definitely rearing its head. right now, he's screaming his full head off up stairs because we are knee deep in the crabby time of the evening. we pretty much bring this on our selves every night. we try to get him to 9pm before we start going through our bed time routine. and tonight we celebrated ty's birthday so there was some additional stimulation around these parts.

we've decided he's definitely showing signs of being more like his mama. you know - laid back, easy going, and flexible. um, no. he and i are two peas in a pod, at least this week - and perhaps its the amount of beans "we" ate due to the crock-potting addiction i had (we ate a lot of mexican and i'm thinking if i had gas "issues", my poor baby did too - and of course i think of this now, after the fact).

let's talk a little bit about what we've learned about our guy.

he likes things on his terms. and by things, i mean every thing. sleeping, eating, playing, laughing, smiling. his terms.

he likes small spaces - as in, the smallest bathroom in the house. he prefers to be in there with the fan on blast. he couldn't be more content. he loves his nursery - he seems to be most happy on his changing pad or in his crib post-meal and burp.

he pretty much hates the car. don't most babies fall asleep in the car instantly? yah, not ours. (we've been saying that a lot this week... "didn't ali girl just fall asleep anywhere? yah not ours. doesn't paxton just chill out so easily? yah not ours.") unless he is asleep before we hit the road, it usually ends with me hopping in the back seat on the side of the road or in a parking lot to try and calm him down.

ty and i think he's going to be a worry wort. we can see him being super sensitive about things and having little panic moments about homework, grades, projects, etc. (this is exactly how i was by the way.)

he loves white noise. annie was in our room recently and she called it a wind tunnel. honestly, that is the absolute best description. anytime you walk in the room from the "outside" it totally feels like you are about to blast away into the oblivion. we've got a fan going, a sound machine going, lamby was going with the wave sound on  before we ran it to the ground so now i've downloaded a white noise app on my phone, and we also have the fan going in our bathroom. (all this love for white noise should do us some favors on saturday on our flight to maui.) if we are in dire straights, ty will take him into his favorite room (the small bathroom) and turn the bathtub water on.

speaking of bath water - the kid loves the tub. shouldn't be much of a surprise since he lived in water for almost 10 months before he was born into a warm tub. as he gets older, we are seeing him get more and more confident in the tub - pushing off the sides of the tub, leaning back further and further, splashing a little bit more.

we had a pretty eventful week, weather wise. snowmageddeon hit the scene here and pretty much stopped all of western washington in it's tracks. we had a "snow week" and i have to say, it was such a blast. ty was home for the full week and we enjoyed mid-day adventures in the snow, and be we i don't mean wyatt. but ty and i sure did. our adventures typically ended at our favorite starbucks and one day we were joined by the stookey's for some good old "jenkey" time (this is our two last names combined and the name for our quality time together. love.)

the snow has since melted, and turned to brown nasty slush - just in time for ty's birthday celebrations this weekend. we had our first date night last night to celebrate ty's birthday just the two of us - and it was the absolute best. my mama and cam made the trek up north (from bellevue) to watch our bambino. while i was a bit nervous to start, it only took one text from cam to take that all away. "wyatt's a happy happy baby! smiles, smiles everywhere!" just what this mama needed to relax. got a few (like a lot) of drinks in me and we had some good old fashioned couple's time. some very much needed and long over due couple's time and i loved every second of it. this afternoon we celebrated with family and the stookey's and next weekend we'll be celebrating with our besties, the dumonds, in hawaii. yes please. can. not. wait.

what's weird about this parenting gig is how quickly things can change. i feel like even though the week was a tad rough with our little one, things seemed to turn around by the weekend. he's entering into a new stage with nap time - he's starting to learn how to sleep unswaddeled and with a lovie. seriously - a-dorable. the cutest thing ever to see him hug his lovie and have his binky moving like crazy as he cozies into me and falls asleep. i could hold him forever when he does this. l-o-v-e. i've had people tell me that i need to enjoy every stage because there are good things about each. but i've also heard that there's a reason that each stage is short because there are crappy things too. this week definately spoke to these words of wisdom.

and i loved every second of it.

(not sure i'll be reporting next week from maui. may just do a picture post if i can figure out how to do it from my phone. plus it's just a little mean isn't it? i mean, cold here? couldn't be more paradise-ish there? enough said.)

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