Sunday, January 1, 2012

new year, new us

this time last year, my family was going through a pretty hard time. i can remember writing this and thinking "2011 is going to be great - it's going to be great because i am going to make it great". our family ended last year feeling broken. we are ending this year feeling new. i love it. no resolutions this year. i just want to be the best wife, daughter, sister, friend, dog owner, and now mother that i can be. i look forward to a year of new - new routines, new challenges, new wins, new loves, new friends, new habits, new memories.

maybe some new shoes?

i digress...

our last week of 2011 was full of fun. i'd say we ended the year with a bang, in our own way. our monkey is so so close to giggling. we are just waiting for it. when he smiles big, it's like he knows we are just holding our breath hoping that will be the smile that leads to his first giggle. he holds back and it's almost as it he's thinking, "nope, they aren't quite ready yet". we are so tightly wound around that little pinky finger of his. love is an understatement. we continue to be amazed by how much joy he brings us. his personality is starting to shine through those perfect bright eyes of his. he can be so serious sometimes - and then all it will take is a smile from mama or daddy, and he never lets us down. he'll even smile right before he's about to burst into tears sometimes. so beyond adorable. and we can't forget - the kid has to move constantly - there's no slowin' down with him. he needs to be walking around all . the . time. needless to say, i'm back to my pre-wyatt weight. thanks kiddo!

we made some progress with maddie girl this week. i think he's starting to grow on her. i'll take it.

bath time continued to be a hit this week. it's by far my most favorite thing to do with my boys. he loves it. we love it. win-win.

we are now forward facing in the baby bjorn. could you just die? i die when i see this face looking out at me. 

still spending time in the bathroom several times a day - but less time, at a time if that makes sense. all it takes is a walk-in, eyes close sequence before we're laying him down for bed or naptime. it seems to work every time. for now.

we've been making it to starbucks at least once a weekend, but yesterday marked the first day we took him out of his car seat and had some play time with him in our favorite big cozy chairs. i love that ty and i can still do "our thing" with our babe.

here's to your 2012 - as i said last year, choose to make it great. we are.


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  1. You guys are going to have a fabulous 2012. There are so many things to look forward to! First giggles, first words, first steps, first time he tries to ride one of the pups! I think it is great that you are chronicling so much of it here! It goes so fast that it helps to write it down!


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