Wednesday, January 25, 2012

wyatt's nursery - the deets

a few weeks back, i wrote this post and promised a more detailed one here soon. well, here we are. and while i thought ty would be the photographer for this post it was actually yours truly. as i've mentioned, this room was so much fun to do and came out oh so much better than i could have expected. and i am sure those closest to me are also amazed at the execution. for the sake of wyatt's baby book, let's dive in a little deeper than before.

i love this angle of his room. i am actually backed into a corner i never go into because there's a toy bin pretty much digging into my toes as i was taking this shot. by far my most favorite wall in the room is this one - and i think it's wyatt's favorite too. these letters are my pride and joy. i know i talked a little bit about where i got them and the fun i had painting them with annie - but i wanted to talk a little bit more about the project itself. they came unpainted and are made of a super high quality wood. they were actually really beautiful unpainted. i even debated not painting some of them because the wood was so pretty and kind of went with our beachy theme as is. i took the advice of the woman i bought the letters from and painted them with americana acrylic paint and lowe-cornell brushes. i knew i wanted the colors of his room to be teal (obviously), yellow, red, navy and orange. those just seemed like beachy colors so i went onto and bought the paints. i'm sure you can get the paints and brushes any where (i.e. michaels). i bought way too much paint. you probably only need 15 2oz. bottles. i bought more white than the actual colors because i knew i'd be using a lot of it. once they dried, ty sprayed them with americana matte sealer spray so they wouldn't fade - and so far so good. and i have to point out the cute pom-pom blanket hanging on the crib - a gift from lindsay jane. it's made by karma living and it's such a fun detail in the room. love it.

as i mentioned in my previous post, the dresser was bought at we wanted a dresser that stood out and could be a focal point of the room. i really wanted to refurbish an old dresser but that just didn't work out. we did buy a garage sale dresser for cheap and we were pretty excited about sanding it and dyeing it. and by we, i obviously mean ty. i was excited for the finished product, but definitely not the process. once ty started it - we realized that while finding a cheap dresser at a garage sale has it's benefits, it just wasn't going to be right for our boy's room. as ty started sanding it he felt like he was widdleing away at it stroke by stroke, and since we needed the dresser to also be a changing table, it just wasn't safe enough. so annie actually found this one for us online. it's obviously super cute, and like i said before, definitely not like the garage sale dresser, but not as high quality as i had hoped. the color is perfect, and the drawers are large and fit a ton of clothes. when it finally arrived (that's another story) one of the drawers was off kilter and ty basically had no choice but to fix it because when they delivered it they basically made him sign his rights away in order for them to leave it with us. it was totally boxed up so there would have been no way for ty to know something was wrong with the drawer. so piece of advice - cute dresser, but if you order off cymax expect a serious delay and ask to open your product before you sign the receipt.

the "welcome to the beach" sign above the door came from a cute shop with a mix of old and new goodies in downtown snohomish. again, we wanted a beachy theme - but just hints of it here and there. so we thought this little number would be perfect. i actually just remembered we bought cute dried starfish there and i have no idea where they are now. damn pregnancy / new mama brain... maybe i will find them and stick them in here somewhere! i think i spoke to the lamp being from land of nod and the cute little w being a gift from annie in my previous post. that dang w makes the dresser for sure.

what about the little jeans you ask? well, ty bought these at nordies a few weeks back. they are the cutest freaking things you'll ever see. i can't wait for them to fit wyatt.

this corner of the room looks at the alphabet wall and the crib and basically has the best view in the room. so let's talk about this chair. not my fave. it's the charleston rocker from pottery barn kids and while it looks really cute and can easily convert into a normal 4 legged chair, it's soooooo not cozy. such a bummer, and totally my fault. you can't just order a chair online without trying it out. and you can't totally count on the floor model because it's so worn in from the numerous booties that test it out on an hourly basis. it slides around the carpet and is so annoying to breastfeed in. it's kind of narrow so having a long baby makes it tricky and uncomfortable. lesson learned. (it's a lesson i learn and re-learn every night when i breastfeed wyatt on the floor in there.) the stool was a gift from my friend jodi. it's seriously the cutest thing. it's his name and the letters are puzzle pieces. such a great gift idea and we'll be using it a lot! especially as he gets older - i can see him standing on it to wash his hands and brush his teeth. you can check them out here.

here's a closer look at the stool and the cute book shelf from lindsay. she got the shelf at a place called good juju in KC. they refurbish old furniture and sell it in there little shop one weekend a month. annie made the cute block letters so maybe i'll have her do a guest DIY post on how she made them! i obviously love them and i know that wyatt will too as he gets older.

the wall clips have a few of my favorite cards from my friends, along with two of my shower invites. both of which were ordered at cute huh?

this little music box was another gift from lindsay and i couldn't be more in love with it. not only is it super cute, but it plays "hush little baby" and wyatt lights up every time i turn the crank. he waits for it to start playing and gets an instant smile the second he hears it. it's made by tree by kerri lee and she makes them to order. seriously adorable. the turtle you see there is actually a night light and it's shell illuminates stars on the ceiling and wall. we have both the turtle (a gift from my cousin, james and his wife, melanie), and the lady bug, which is in our room (which we got from my dad and linda). they are super cute and let off just the right amount of light - and another great gift that wyatt will love for years to come.

another favorite in wyatt's room is the surf board rug below his crib. i found this rug on (seriously, if you aren't getting daily emails from them yet, hop on the bandwagon already!) for a steal of a deal. i mean, like 80% off or something like that. the rug is made by the rug market and was just a lucky find really. the thought behind the striped crib sheet comes from the whole beach towel concept. annie found these as well. she was able to find these online when i couldn't (i swear i forgot how to do a simple google search when i was pregnant, so annie became my search engine). aren't they perfect?! and the flags were made by annie as well - part of the decoration for my girlfriend shower back in august. i kept these up around my house until well after wyatt was born because i loved them so much. the crib is the kendell crib from pottery barn kids. it's a simple crib that isn't an arm and a leg. i'll take it.

wyatt's mobile was a very last minute purchase. i wasn't sure what i wanted to do there, or if i wanted to do anything at all. i just wasn't bought it that it would actually be something the babe would even enjoy. boy, was i wrong. this mobile is definitely one of wyatt's favorite things. we spend quite a bit of time playing in his room and in his crib. he began focusing on these little chevron striped airplanes pretty early on. i originally saw this mobile on my favorite nursery blog and then bought it at the etsy shop they featured on the blog. it's perfect for the room, and even more perfect for my kiddo.

the palm tree wall decals were another last minute purchase. i had been thinking about them for awhile, but wasn't sure if they were something the room really needed. i am super happy we ended up getting them because that wall would totally be missing something. i found these at another etsy shop - they came super fast! we had our friend danny install them - he also owns a kick ass sticker company, they look awesome because they were installed by a professional! the picture was another find in snohomish, and the shutters were specifically installed for wyatt. no other room in our house has them and now i want them every where. they are so cute and add so much personality to the room. ty was in charge here and he did the research and ended up going with budget blinds. we couldn't be happier and would definitely go with them again should we decide to do more rooms in our house down the road.

this room has absolutely been worth the effort. wyatt loves spending time in there, and we do too. we wanted his room to blend in with our home's style but stand out in its own way as well. mission accomplished.

now, if only ty and i would put half as much effort into the other rooms in our house.

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