Wednesday, January 18, 2012

wyatt's nursery

wyatt's nursery was by far the most exciting room to decorate in our house. ty and i had the best time doing this together. i really feel like our vision for his room really came to life. anyone who knows me well, (annie) knows that i come up with some good ideas, but rarely does the execution align with the vision. for example, my ginger bread houses always suck. i have great ideas when the slate is blank, but when it comes to actually putting it to action - eh. anytime i have tried to make something by hand, it's a total disaster. but much to my shegrin (who actually says that - let alone writes that!?!), our baby room turned out pretty good. here are a couple of the high lights, in no particular order.

lindsay wasn't able to come to our reveal party, but she and i had been talking about my vision for the nursery since the second i told her i was pregnant. the "beachy" theme i had mentioned was best described as a mixture of both old and new. she found this adorable shelf at a shop that refurbishes old furniture in KC and had it sent to annie's house in time for the party. this picture doesn't really do it justice. the collection of books came from so many of our closest friends during my pregnancy. those sweet blocks there, those are from annie, who made those for us as a gift at one of my showers. and curious george came from daddy - one of the very first things he bought for the babe.

these letters were purchased off etsy and decorated by annie and i. this has to be one of my biggest crafty accomplishments. the letters came un-painted, so i took the advice of the woman who made them and bought the paint she recommended. i picked a few colors, and with annie's help we got them done in one evening. annie did all of the hard letters - the D, J, N, U, W... yah the cutest ones, those were all her. ty hung them up and from there, the room really started to come together. i got the dresser here but will say, i don't really reccommend it. it sure looks cute, but the quality actually sucks. i am just being honest. the lamp is from land of nod and the cute little w on it was another decoration annie made for a shower. looks pretty stinkin' cute there doesn't it?

these clip thingies - not sure what else to call them - are actually from cam's old room but are originally from pottery barn. not sure if they still have them, but they work out perfectly. and the cards here are from the showers (invites and gift cards).

i wrote about this picture in this post. it's one of my most favorite things in wyatt's room. love, love, love.

these palm trees came from another etsy shop and i think they totally make the room. the crib is the kendell crib at pottery barn.

ty recently got a new canon camera so one of his projects will be taking pictures of wyatt's room. like, real pictures. not iphone instagram pictures. in that post i will highlight a few more of the actual details - i.e. the rug, the stool, the bed sheets, the rocker (which is cute to look at and not so fun to sit in...) shutters, etc. for now, this will have to do!

more to come!


  1. I could write a ton about this post. I absolutely love Wyatt's room - and I've never seen a baby love his nursery so much. Seriously. But honestly, the main thing we must discuss here is your mention of gingerbread houses. You are hilarious. Maybe next year you'll rock the gingerbread house. I mean honestly, you can only improve :-)

  2. Oh my goodness. You are so creative! Those letters are awesome times 100! I am absolutely smitten! What a great room to grow up in : )


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