Thursday, February 9, 2012

baby book, 2012 style

my mom recently brought over my baby book. my so very 1980s bright yellow unisex clip-art-ish baby book. it was so much fun looking through it and seeing all of the little things my mom documented when i was born and the months and even years afterwards. there are even little notes in there to me on the day i was born from my mom and dad. i've read them before but it's so much different now. seeing what my sweet daddy wrote to me when i was only hours old is amazing to me now knowing all the love i felt for my first born immediately as well. my mom wrote me a letter a few weeks  before i was born that she gave me when i was 12 weeks pregnant. i read it throughout my pregnancy. it's actually still in my drawer at work because i used to bring it out and read it sometimes in between meetings. my mom wrote me journals when i was first born - i think there are about three of them. they are actually what inspired me to write to wyatt on my blog.

as i glanced through my baby book, it hit me - i don't have one of these for him. i tried to find something that was "me" before he was born, but everything seemed pretty much just as cheesy as the one my mom had for me - copyright 1981. my blog has obviously turned into an electronic baby book of sorts. and i like that. but to have a book that he can flip through really can't be replaced by my blog. so, i've decided to pull from the pages of my baby book and document, even the cheesiest of things, here on my blog and then transition my posts into a "one year book" for wyatt.

the world as it was when wyatt was born:
*please let me note here that this was a good little exercise for me as some of these things i didn't even know. i'm just being honest. 

news headlines: the day wyatt was born was the day the little bellevue boy went missing. the one where the mom said she left him in the car when she ran out of gas. the story no one believes and is still being investigated. ironically, my midwife chris actually delivered that sweet little boy at her birth center. he's still missing. (my mom didn't even attempt this one which makes me laugh. JORDAN BRAYLYN MARSHALL BORN is what it says in my book.)

political figures: the obamas (duh), gov. gregoire (who no one seems to like right now), hilary clinton, john edwards (the presidential candidate that cheated on his cancer stricken wife and had a child out of wedlock then tried to deny it, then had to go jail).

popular artists / entertainers: lady gaga, beyonce, ke$ha, katy perry, justin timberlake, ellen, bethenny frankel, kathy griffin, adele, rihanna, blake shelton, nicki minaj, bruno mars, katy perry, LMFAO, black eyed peas, toby keith, carrie underwood, brad paisley.

popular songs: sexy and i know it (LMFAO), someone like you (adele), moves like jagger (maroon five featuring christina aguilera), pumped up kicks (foster the people), ours (taylor swift), the one that got away (katy perry), it will rain (bruno mars)

latest dance: seriously don't know what to put here? c-walking? (my book says "disco". hilarious.)

big names in sports world: i'm not going to lie. i had to look these up. roger federer (tennis champ), kobe bryant (basketball), lindsey vonn (skiing), michael phelps (swim - olympic gold medalist), lebron james (basketball), apolo ono (speed skating), albert pujois (baseball), lance armstrong (cyclist), drew brees (football), tom brady (football - people don't really seem to like him though), phil mickelson (golf), shaun white (snow boarding), peyton manning (football).

best movie of the year: i went to rolling stone magazine and pulled a few from their top 10 list of 2011: the help, tree of life, the decedents, drive, and money ball. have i seen any of these? no. my list would have included: bridesmaids, crazy stupid love, and the change up. (my book says "raiders of the lost arc", "arthur", and "mommy dearest".)

best selling books: according to ny times best sellers today - extremely loud and incredibly close (also out in theaters starring tom hanks and sandra bullock), taken by robert crais, the help (also just recently out in theaters starring emma stone), the girl with the dragon tattoo (also just out in theaters), and one for the money by janet evanovich. have i read any of these? no. (my book says never say diet by richard simmons. what's better than that?)

popular tv shows: anything reality - bravo's real housewives series & bethenny, the voice, american idol. grey's anatomy, modern family, up all night. (my book says: taxi, hill street blues, love boat, dukes of hazard, MASH, more & mindy, and happy days. obviously.)

fashions, fads, etc: let's see here... what will wyatt care about? i will just put down ty's favorite stuff: diesel jeans, newsboy hats, north face gear, hooded zippy sweatshirts, american apparel t-shirts, lulu lemon workout gear, a&f (yes, he's in his early 30s still sportin' their gear like he's 22. love him.), adidas/brooks/nike running shoes, anything j.crew, banana republic. reef and rainbow flip flops. (and for shits and giggles, my book says: "western clothes, cowboy boots, and gold jewelry".)

there you have it. done and documented.

so we can laugh at it later.

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