Sunday, February 12, 2012

ch ch ch changes

we are in the midst of a new stage. teething. how fun.

i feel so bad for this babe. he's so little to be teething. i totally didn't expect to have such an early teether. at 14 weeks today, wyatt is definitely teething. we kind of had a feeling that maybe something was going down last week in maui. he was all over his hands, and just drooling a ton. it really wasn't enough to know for sure, if anything it was just a gut feeling. a few nights ago, he was so cranky that annie thought maybe giving him a little tylenol would take the edge off and that totally helped. overall, this past few days have not been a blast for little dude man. long flight on tuesday night meant a long night, a cold, a crusted eye that lead to an eye infection and now, new baby teeth. good times. the picture above was taken this morning when nothing, i mean NOTHING, seemed to calm him down. this of course, was BEFORE we realized there may be some new teeth making their way to the surface of our baby's very sensitive baby gums. as i've mentioned previously, white noise is wyatt's bff. it goes a little like this:

step 1 - have a fan going. if that doesn't work...
step 2 - add the sound machine. if that doesn't work...
step 3 - go into bathroom and turn on fan. if that doesn't work...
step 4 - turn on shower.

usually we stop at step 4. today, that didn't work. we actually had to add a new step...

step 5 - get IN shower.

and ta-da! it worked.

until we had to get out of the shower.

step 6 - tylenol.

to add fuel to this scorpio baby's fire, we're trying out the ol' crib tonight. are we idiots!? i just wrote that thinking, holy crap - i am not a smart woman. he's a noisy little sleeper that keeps this mama up a lot even when he's conked out or just squirming around in his bed. i am going to see how it goes with him just a few doors away. perhaps i'll sleep though his normal sleep noises and only wake to the hunger cries [wishful thinking?]. he loves his room. always seems really happy in his crib. stares in amazement at his mobile. loves his music player. i'm staying positive, can you tell?

wish us luck this next week.

we need it.


  1. looks like both of our houses are having a rough time.

    last night was terrible. i mean worse-than-newborn-stage terrible. we are walking zombies. i think i actually slept-walked my students to music today. didn't remember walking there - just showed up at the music room. :)

    hang in there. pax has been teething for over a month (so much drool - i cant take it anymore) and i can't even feel teeth under his gums. when will they make their appearance already?!? so glad wyatt's are actually coming in.


    i keep telling myself "this too shall pass."

    and you know what? we'll be on a jenkey date with our 1 year old boys and remember this time - AND MISS IT! (is that possible?).

    love you.


  2. Ugh teething! It's no fun for anyone! E had all 8 front teeth by the time we went to her 12 month check up and wasn't showing signs of getting any new teeth. So, I asked my doctor when I should expect the teething to start again. My sweet doctor gently let me know that they are basically teething from birth until they get their full set of adult teeth sometime in early elementary school.

    Seriously?! That stinks!

    Last week was a rough one around our house as well with teething being the obvious culprit. Who knows when those molars will cut through but it better be soon.

    You've probably heard of this already but I love the homeopathic Hyland's teething gel and tablets. The gel isn't like the pink nasty tasting orajel and the tablets are tiny and dissolve super fast (not a chocking hazard). I've found them at Walmart and Walgreens. Definitely worth a try if you have't already!

    Good luck with the crib sleeping tonight! It might take some time but you can do it!! (And so can he!)


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