Sunday, February 26, 2012

china anyone?

still in love with this kid. more and more every day. i look back on older posts, and read how obsessed i was with this face. um, that was nothing. i think my heart has gazillioned in size since week one. it's basically quadrupled in size, times 16. 16 weeks old already. which means i will be making my way back to work in just a few short days. march 7th marks my return to work date. i will say this: i am so so so glad i took 4 months off. 3 months would have not been enough, and i really do believe that anything over 4 would make going back to work so much harder. i have been processing going back to work since about my half way point. and i am glad. i am at the point now where i know this is my last full week at home, and i am going to live it up. which means more mushy Facebook posts, more big eyed headshot instagrams, and probably a couple lovey dovey blog posts.

ty frequently is my voice of reason. back in my pre-wyatt life, there would be times where i'd get stressed out about work. i'd come home, tightly wound and he'd pour me a glass of wine and say, "babe. just remember. they can't eat you." i think i've even blogged about this before... now, in my new life, when i get sad about going back to work, he'll hand me a kleenex and say,

"babe. we aren't shipping him off to china." 

it's just what i need to hear. and i've said this to myself several times a day this past week. i am lucky to have a job i love and work for a company i believe in. and i'm excited to see my team, people i consider friends (i.e. people that will understand when i might tear up at the mention of my kiddo that first day, week, or even month back to work. love them).

weekly report:

  • several cozy naps together in bed
  • a lot of drool and shoulder sucking
  • a decent number of blow outs - one really, drippy, mama and baby soaked blow out that involved a shower, a bath, and an uncle trevie. 
  • some car seat practice which i fear has really gotten us no where
  • a lot of chatter boxing - my new favorite thing ever, besides his eye lashes. 

that's all for now. duty calls.

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