Friday, February 10, 2012

don't blink

well kiddo,

here we are at 3 months (and it's nap time so let's see if i can write this to you before you wake up). how the heck did that happen? seriously, time with you has flown by. our days together are over in a blink which is making me sad especially now, knowing we only have about a month left together like this, before i go back to work. i love my job and am so looking forward to seeing all of the people i work with. many, if not all, are people i consider my friends which will only help with the transition. what won't help? you are changing so much every day and i don't want to miss anything.

at a whopping 3 months monkey, here are some of the things i'm loving most about you at this stage:
  • your big perfect eyes and the way they light up when you flash me a smile. 
  • the way you flash me a smile just seconds after you've had a major freak out. it's like you are saying, "friends again?" just a few days ago you had this gigantic freak out. there wasn't anything i could do to console you except bounce my ass off on the yoga ball. once you calmed down, we came downstairs and i sat on the couch with you as i so often do, resting my legs up on the coffee table and you in a sitting position against my thighs facing me. however, this time you seemingly avoided eye contact with me, almost as if you were embarrassed by the episode that just took place. i watched your eyes as they circled the room, looking everywhere but at me. finally, your eyes met mine and we had a stare down. i just watched you and your little expression. it was so stubborn, and then all of a sudden, there it was. your big, beautiful smile. the one i live to see each day. we were friends again. 
  • your chunky thighs. your little legs were so freaking skinny when you were born. little long lanky sticks. now, they are filling out and i just want to eat them for lunch. 
  • your yummy baby breath, cinnamon buns. it's still smells just as delicious as it did day one. 
  • you in hanna anderson jammies. it's like they were made for your little body. 
  • your fake out cry - your little warning wimper is so breathy and pathetic. i love it when you wake up with this cry, letting me know you are up and hungry - in a nice way. 
  • your round perfect head - i don't know how a head could be any more perfect. the cherry on top are those cheeks. yum, yum, and yum.
and my most favorite thing about you right now... 
  • your contagious giggle. it's deep and raspy and i am thinking i need to record it and have it on repeat all day long when i go back to work. it's just the best sound in the world. you laugh pretty easily when you are right on the cusp of your tired melt down. it's like you get a giggle attack and laugh at pretty much anything and then within a matter of minutes, finito. it's over, and you are swaddled in my arms as i bounce you to sleep. 
you got an eye infection this week sweet boy. i think you got it from me. on the day we left maui i woke up with a crusty eye... it seemed to clear up that day, but you woke up with one yesterday and today my other eye was crusted shut when i woke up. aren't we a pair? we've been sick a lot together these last three months and your daddy often jokes that we need to be quarantined. to make your day even brighter yesterday, you got shots. fun for you. needless to say, you were a little a lot needy and whiney but i soaked it in and cuddled you and rocked you as often as you needed. it wasn't until about 9pm where it got a little old. (just being honest.) but i took a bath and your daddy took over and our night ended with you giggling up a storm at daddy as he sang a random made up song to you as he got you ready for bed. i know it made him so happy - you wouldn't take a bottle from him last night, so i think he needed a little reminder that you still loved him. 

that's all for now little love.  we obviously are still pretty obsessed with you. 

you make our day, everyday.


(you can wake up now.)


  1. It's so true that we live, I mean LIVE to see our baby's smile each day. I can't think of a better way to describe it. Wyatt is such a cutie.

    1. thanks kate!!! your little hazel joy is an absolute doll face. are you still blogging!??

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. i literally cried in my classroom (it's my break!) while reading this.

    the love you have for w just OOZES out, all over this blog post. i think i cried because you so eloquently write what us mamas feel for our sweet babies.

    hope you're both feeling better soon.

    love you so much.


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