Wednesday, February 8, 2012

island life

well, we're home.

home from an amazing trip to probably my most favorite place on earth. maui. we had so much fun with annie, dui, and ali girl and coming home yesterday was the last thing i wanted to do. 

days leading up to our trip left me feeling anxious about the flight. our little one is well, unpredictable. actually he's pretty damn predictable in that he can be a fussy baby and has no qualms about getting feisty during inconvenient times. so i don't know who invaded my baby's body on jan. 28th, because that kid was an absolute gem to travel with. easy through security, slept at the gate, woke in time for some tylenol (recommended by my ped, thank you very much!) and out like a light through take off, sucking away on his binky like there was no tomorrow. he had himself a nice snack after the first beverage offering, slept during lunch and the movie and did just fine during the decent / landing. phew. surprisingly, he stared at his sophie doll until his eyes couldn't stay open anymore on our drive from kahului to kahana and was in bed by 6:30 island time. 

i only forgot one thing. well, 4. 4 pieces to my breast pump. you know. the big black bag i lugged throughout the airport and on the plane so that i could get my drink on in maui and stay out late on my planned date nights with annie and my hubby? yah, that one. the one i couldn't even use when i was there. ty did try to help me out by going to the ONLY store on the island (1.5 hours both ways might i add) to get me the parts, only to come home missing one of them. good times. yah, i cried. 

i still got my drink on. {i just timed it so i drank immediately after a feeding and would be ready three hours later to feed. i also probably only got my ONE DRINK ON PER THREE HOUR STRETCH if we're being honest.} 

it really was just the best trip - for so many reasons. we got to spend uninterrupted time with our best friends - something we haven't been able to do, well, ever. we loved on their sweet ali girl every second we could. ty and i loved having wyatt in our favorite place ever, even if he was a little crabby dab. 

{crabby dab = the poor kiddo had off/on heat rashes the first few days adjusting to the temp and humidity,  he continued to hate car rides, and tended to get over stimulated by the trade winds.} 

coming home sucked. the thought of leaving sucked, but literally, the trip home couldn't have been more annoying. wyatt cried the majority of the flight, puked all over himself, had a blow out, and finally assed out the last 90 minutes. there were about a trillion other tired / loud / crying / yelling kiddos on the flight. it's like they all had a pow wow before the flight and said, "hey, let's all be pains in the assess so these poor fools won't be mad at just one of us."we also couldn't sit with our besties. on the way over, we basically had a row to our selves and could swap kids, and seats as often as we wanted. this time, we were in the last row fending for ourselves, while annie and du did the same several rows up and on the opposite side of the plane. 

i know. you don't really feel that bad for us. we just spent several days in maui, posting instagram photos like they were going out of business.  (if you didn't catch our trip via instagram, follow me at jbjensen.) 

here are a few of my favorite [non-instagram] pictures from our trip!

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