Sunday, February 19, 2012

who needs sleep?

tonight, i am tired. this mama needs to go to bed. but these sunday posts are important to me and i can't settle my brain until i write about the week. today marks the 15 week birthday for sir wyatt. and what a week it was. last sunday i posted about wyatt's teething issues and my lack of intelligence in having it be his first night in his crib. following up on that - we did it. but it was rough. i was in there almost every hour on the hour putting a binky in or applying gum numbing stuff. why the hell didn't i just move him into our room you ask? pride. stupid pride. i made a point scene sunday night... made a fool out of myself really, but in the end our boy "slept" in his crib. he was back in our room monday night, and even in our bed around the 3am mark many times this week.

let's talk about that. in our bed. i know there are a ton of opinions out there about where a baby should sleep. i've had them. let me just say this - there are nights where you simply "give in". you give in because you are tired. you "give in" because your baby is telling you without telling you that he needs to be close to you. i gave in this week, and i loved every second of it. and i'll give in again. dr. sears made me feel good about giving in. i love you, dr. sears.

he napped in his crib all week and did awesome. i loved being able to see him on our video monitor. i also hated being able to see him on our video monitor. seeing him meant obsessing over every sound. it did get better as the week went on. a lot of things got better as the week went on. he seems to be coping better with his teeth, and every day continues to prove how fast our little guy is growing up.

he is smiling and laughing a ton. it's the most entertaining thing for us. he spent a lot of time with family and friends this week. he started off the week meeting auntie lindsay and sweet baby annie on monday. auntie kaarin visited on thursday (and even asked me to be in her wedding! i can't be more excited about this!!) he spent some time at my office on friday (even making a scene for my third floor friends). he visited with auntie tiff, gramma and uncle cam yesterday. and today he got a ton of attention from papa and grandma linda. tonight he saw grandpa and grandma jensen and cuddled with auntie tiff while i had bff date night with annie. i love that he has so many people to love on him. such a lucky babe.

ok, off to bed. happy 15 weeks little bug. my little prince. my monkey. cinnamon buns. we love you.

like, a lot.

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