Tuesday, March 6, 2012

hey bug


i am going to keep this light, because as you know, sweet monkey, i go back to work tomorrow. well, maybe you don't know this but it's happening. we woke up to a light little dusting of snow AND sun today. i love when it's sunny on your monthly birthdays because i can get a good shot of you next to your W. i love this months picture. you continue to keep your legs up to your chest like a little frog so it's hard to see how long you are getting.

we'll know your 4 month stats tomorrow, but here are my guesses: 15.5 lbs and 27 inches long. i am guessing you are still in the 95th percentile for length, probably 50th for head, and 50th for weight. we shall see. i will be heading to your appointment right after work. you can bet i will be speeding to see you. tomorrow will go by fast because it's crazy at work, but it won't go fast enough. i already can't wait to see you.

you are doing so many new things at 4 months!

  • you rolled over several times from tummy to back yesterday. finally! you did this in hawaii and then haven't done it since. now when you do it, daddy and i cheer like fools and you look at us like we're idiots. like, "what? oh that..." then we prop you back up on your tummy and you do it only seconds later and look at us waiting for the cheer. 
  • i can't believe how smart you are. you catch on to our antics so quickly and then wait for them. i love coming at you and kissing your neck. you wait for it now and it's so stinking cute. 
  • you are so close to rolling over from back to tummy. you kick your one leg up and stretch it so far that your get up onto your side. sooooo close! 
  • you notice your feet now. you just stare at them. and watch them as you kick around. you love to stretch them up and out and stare at them in your swing. 
  • you are really starting to love your swing now. it's so nice! daddy and i can make dinner together AND eat together now most nights! 
  • you are such a chatter box. and you love to gurgle and squeal. it's spitty and cute and i can't get enough of it. 
  • when you are being bounced to sleep you now moan along with us. hard to describe in writing but it's this moan/yell/fake cry. it's adorable. with every bounce you let out a moan and after about 20 of them, you are out like a light. 
  • your laugh is more frequent than ever. i just started tossing you up in the air a little bit and you crack up. you laugh at daddy a lot too - especially when he comes in and touches his nose to yours. you love to laugh and squeal at that. 
  • last week you sat in your car seat THE WHOLE TIME daddy and i had lunch at sushi zen. seriously a HUGE accomplishment there mr. we were so proud of you. full and proud! thank you buggy. 
  • you had two car trips last week where you didn't cry in your car seat! yay! progress! 
  • oh, and you can't keep your hands out of your mouth. if you can't tell by these pictures, you love your hands. and you still have no teeth to show for all of the drool thus far. (me and my boobs are ok with that by the way.)

ok little love bug, today is going to rock. happy 4 months to you sweet boy. 

yo' mama.

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