Sunday, April 29, 2012

making memories >> the pool boys

this picture pretty much sums up what this kid thinks of "swim lessons". he wasn't all that impressed. he looked around a lot, but we didn't get any smiles while he was in the water. 

but this guy obviously feels differently. 

we went with the stookey's, and it's fair to say that jay and pax had a lot more fun together. 

we also lied about wyatt's age to get him in. if anyone asks, i am just going to say "his dad got his birthday wrong by a month. sorry about that." we figured he turns 6 months in a week. sue me. 

perhaps he just isn't mature enough yet to enjoy what swim lessons have to offer? 

lisa and i were in hysterics over the third picture of this series. as you can imagine. we realized throughout today's lesson though that we'd be in the water next sunday. probably definitely directing the guys to "take the pictures from above" and "watch the chin" and "wait, i wasn't ready". 

it will all be worth it though. because we're making memories with our boys. we'll be reminded of how sweet our lives are. we'll feel lucky to have these moments with them. we'll feel lucky that we get to do it together. 

just like we know these guys did today. 

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