Sunday, April 15, 2012

moving on

last night we celebrated my grandpa's 80th birthday (4.12.32). my mom organized the best night. my grandpa may be 80 years old, but this guy is in the best shape and is still as sharp as a tack. i often joke that my grandparents froze age-wise when they were in their late 50s. i'll always picture them as young and in their prime.

this picture, along with the majority of the pictures taken last night, was taken by one of the best 13 year old photographers i've ever met - my little sweet bro, cam. when i see this picture of my grandparents, loving on each other after 50+ years of marriage, they continue to inspire me. they continue to be my example.

my grandma's birthday is on tuesday, so together they blew out their candles on their own separate cakes. my grandma has always taken candle blowing and wish making very seriously, as you can see in the picture below. she never tells us her wish, but i always like to think i know what it is.

my dad also shares an april birthday with my grandparents - his birthday was on friday. my grandparents adore my dad, always have - always will. my dad made a point to show to this birthday celebration and i know that it meant the world to them. they will always think of him as a son. always. and to me, it really doesn't get much better than that. to know, that even after all of these years, after divorce, our family can still sit down and celebrate each other. love each other. and laugh.

it was fun to look around the table and see a group of people that know how to move on. we are strong enough to move forward.

i'm thankful for family today. grateful that i have been apart of such an amazing family, and grateful for the opportunity to start my own.

and a special note for cam: thank you buddy for taking SUCH amazing pictures last night. i think you've got something here. you've got some natural talent and we can't wait to see more from you. these are some of my most favorite pictures and i hope that when you see them you are proud of yourself. be proud kiddo - these aren't just pictures, these are captured moments. i love you. 


  1. I love you too jordan! I am proud of my self and thank you for sharing these pictures!

  2. Photos are amazing! Great job cam :)

  3. I don't think anyone in your family ages, you've got the best genes!!! Happy Birthday all around!! And love the pics, Cam!!

  4. I absolutely love all of these pics! It looks like the best celebration. And, nice work Cam!


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