Sunday, May 13, 2012

having purpose

before i became a mom, i definitely lived a great life. i was lucky enough to meet the man of my dreams - someone who took me for who i was - loved me at my worst. i had amazing friends - people i easily considered my family. i had special memories - a fantastic childhood. unforgettable college years. incredible parents. grandparents that were my examples. a great job. a nice home. sweet puppy dogs. unbeatable in-laws. 

i sometimes picture myself wandering aimlessly when i think back to my old life. i'll sometimes ask myself, "seriously, what did you do with all of that time?! why didn't you do more!?"my whole being now centers around this little person that ty and i created out of the love we have for each other. he is my world. he is the beat in my heart. my oxygen. 

today i felt lucky. i felt lucky because my great life is now lit up with white christmas lights everyday because wyatt is here. i'm dancin' on sunshine every time i hear his giggle, smell his hair, kiss his slobbery lips, feel his tight squeeze around my neck. i love knowing he's mine. i love knowing how much he needs me. 

and most of all, i love that he gives me purpose. mother's day may be just another hallmark holiday, but today i was reminded to enjoy my new role, the membership i've earned to a club i knew i always wanted to be a part of. 

happy mother's day to my sweet mama - the one that taught me so much about this crazy life. the one i know would do anything for me. the one i now "get". i'm just as in love with my little guy as i know she is with us. you learn love from those that give it to you. for that i am grateful. i've lived a life full of love. 

and now it's my turn to teach it. 

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