Friday, May 18, 2012

older & wiser >> 3 years in

sunday marks three years, babe. three years!? seriously! i can't believe all that we have experienced together since we took our vows in maui. when i think back to those two people that stood in front of each other and kicked off their marriage, i think of two people that had only just begun knowing what love and marriage and true partnership meant. we knew what it was in only the way newlyweds can really know it. that pure, excited, can't-wait-to-call-you-my-husband/wife way. the butterflies-in-your-tummy, try-not-to-cry-the-ugly-cry way.

our love continues to evolve in the way i had hoped. i remember my vows to you and the words often come to me when i think about where we've been, where we are, and where we are heading.

"this love will change with every perfect moment, every struggle, every loss, and every gain. our love will grow into something we can't yet explain, but i know that it will always be our biggest win."

i'm so proud of us, honey. we have our moments, just like any couple does, but i see us as setting an example. i see us paving the way and teaching our son what love is. not just the unconditional love we have for him, but the unconditional love we have for each other. you set the example for him in how you love me. i know that he will be a great partner some day because he has you to look up to. i've always known that. before he was here, before he was ours, i knew you'd set the example for our future babies. 

we have a real relationship. we have perfect when we laugh so hard at the same things. or when we share a quiet dinner, without phones, without distractions. trips to the beach, with our sweet pups. like when we saw our baby for the first time. we have struggles - hard days, sleepness nights, stressful work situations, family drama. we've been blessed to not experience a lot of loss. we are lucky enough to see gains come into our life everyday - through new friendships, our work, our family. 

you continue to be my biggest win. 

thank you for a true partnership - something i can rely on and trust in. something i am proud of. something i'm excited about. something that's ours. 

happy three years. cheers to us. cheers to our future.


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