Sunday, May 20, 2012

still got it

it's only been 6 months since ty and i had an overnight, just us. the last time we slept in a bed together without a baby in it, next to it, or across the hall from it was november 5th, 2011. feels like just yesterday. 


we celebrated annie's 30th birthday yesterday afternoon and evening. it just also happened to be our three year anniversary today, so what better way to celebrate both then to take a night, just us, as adults. not mama, not daddy, not lady with a crazy eye, or dark circle eye dude. we had an afternoon and evening where we could be ty and jordan, the two people that fell super hard for each other 5+ years ago. the couple that said "i do" 3 years ago today. 

it was amazing. even the part where i happened to eat shit outside of tully's. after wine tasting and tequila shots. just before my favorite champagne flight at the purple cafe

right when i started to think i was [becoming just] this super serious wife and mom, i bite it. i fell hard. 

just like the day i knew ty was the one. 5+ years ago, ty walked into my house and i've never looked back. but there are days where i wonder if i've lost myself a little bit. i know i've grown up and i love how my life's experiences continue to shape me. but i think it's normal to wonder, after so much change and growth, are you still you? when i see this picture, i'm pretty convinced.... 

i still got it. 

i'm still me.

sometimes you have to fall on your ass, with your heart in hand, to know it. 

and if you're lucky enough to do it with your best friend by your side, camera phone in tow, you get to see it too.


  1. I love you Jordan! You are wise beyond your years and I love your perspective. Thank you for being brave and putting it all out there.
    Love to the whole Jensen Family. XO


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